March 5, 2015 in Kiev was held All-Ukrainian Practical Master-meeting Top managers of logistics «Logistic Master-2015: practical tools

All-Ukrainian practical Master-meeting of Top Logistics Managers “Logistic Master-2015: practical tools for optimising logistics in new market conditions, setting up warehouse processes and international deliveries” was held in Kiev on March 5, 2015.

Our company was once again a partner for racking systems of events held by B2B Media Group “TradeMasterGroup”.

Within the framework of this event, Svetlana Guz, Project Manager of Ipris-Profil Ltd, made a practical report “Creation of a universal negotiable  tare for the Customer: effective synergy from constructive Customer-Supplier interaction”. During the report, Ipris-Profil presented its new and unique solution for warehouse and transport logistics – mesh container for pallet.

The main purpose of this structure is to protect the cargo during transport and increase the efficiency of the vehicle body. This mesh container allows compact and tidy placement of loads of different sizes and weights on the pallet area. In addition to protecting the transported goods, it can be used for cellular storage of products and as commercial equipment.

The presented design aroused great interest among the participants of the event, as its use allows solving many practical problems that logisticians face on a daily basis.

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