Interior door storage. Complete solution

We completed the project of equipping a warehouse used to store raw materials and finished products. Front racks, drive-in racks, and a mezzanine were installed on site. When designing racks, we… Read more »

Ipris-Profil company helps youth to get a job

April 20, 2017, the National Aerospace University – "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" held IT and socio-economic forum "Recruitment fair KhAI 2017", where the company "Ipris-rofil" was looking for talents among youth.Our… Read more »

CEMAT 2015: effective solutions for retail

The company "Ipris-profile" debuted at the 6th International exhibition of storage technologies CEMAT in 2015, where it presented technological solutions for the management of trade flows of logistics and distribution… Read more »

New! Door Expositors

LLC "Ipris-profile" continues to expand its line of Expositors. Currently, developed and put into production Expositors for doors demonstration. The construction of such Expositors allows effortlessly moving exhibited samples at… Read more »

New line of a power painting

In the beginning of August 2011 ‘Ipris-profil’ company put into production a new line of a powder painting.From that moment all products of the company has passed every stage of… Read more »

Display racks

In the beginning of April 2011 the ‘Ipris-profil’ company puts into production the new type of products named ‘display racks’.The display racks are the special shop equipment, display stand which… Read more »

‘InterAgro’ exhibition

In February 3-5 2011 ‘Ipris profil’ company participated in the VII ‘InterAgro’ international special-purpose exhibition in Kiev. New type of products, vine and garden trees steel supports (columns) were presented… Read more »

Wine and wine making

The ‘Ipris-profil’ company participated in the XI ‘Wine and Wine making’ specific International exhibition which was hold in Odessa.Our company is the only producer of steel supports for vine and… Read more »