Paternosters for cabling and wiring products

A new type of the paternoster for reels with cabling and wiring products was designed and put into operation.

In the requirements specification received from the customer, the main requirement was to develop equipment that would allow any employee, regardless of gender and age, to sell the goods to the client. Limitations of the current approach were caused by the reel weight (approximately 30 kg) as only strong men could measure and cut off a certain length of the cable.

As you can see in the photo, the paternoster took one shelving section by Ipris-Profil, with 52 reels in it.

Патерностер катушки - под заказ Иприс-Профиль, Харьков Стеллажи с кабелем - под заказ от Иприс-Профиль, Харьков
before after

Technical characteristics of paternoster:

Width – 2700 mm;

Height – 4500 mm;

Number of shafts – 13 (4 places for reels with an out-to-out diameter of 450 mm);

Number of coils – 52 pcs;

Drive – worm motogear 2,2 kW / 380 V.

For each reel, limiters and a metal loop are provided to fix the free edge of the cable.

The paternoster completely meets the customer’s requirements:

– the symmetry of rows is preserved;

– any previously instructed employee can manage the paternoster;

– department articles are in order (the free edges of the cable is fixed);

– a separate trade sector for the reels was arranged;

– quick access to each article.

Paternoster can be completed with plastic containers for metalware or other products in bulk (for example, installation boxes for electrical outlets).

We also accept orders for the manufacture of paternosters for automobile tires.


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