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стеллажи мезонины для велосипедов
этажные стеллажи для склада
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We got the task of equipping the warehouse for storage of bicycles included the maximum filling of space with products.

We decided to use a two-level mezzanine to complete this project. Since warehouse workers perform loading/unloading manually, we used “channels” for their convenience.

Shelves were installed on mezzanine racks. We also used consoles and OSB sheets while making shelves.

 The principle of work is as follows: the employee enters the working “channel” and sets the bicycle with wheels on opposite shelves. The loading method here is similar to the one used for loading drive-in racks: from top to bottom.

Such method of placing goods allowed us to achieve the full load density of the mezzanine.

The second nuance in this project was the lifting of bicycles to the second tier. The ultimate solution was rolling them on their own wheels, so instead of the usual ladder in this project, we decided to install a ramp.

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