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LLC “Ipris-ekspozitor_dveri_1Profil” continues to expand its line of Expositors. Currently, developed and put into production Expositors for doors demonstration. The construction of such Expositors allows effortlessly moving exhibited samples at any point, and the door leaf is available for viewing from either side.

Our task was to manufacture light and mobile design Expositors having a presentable appearance and high reliability for safety as the hall employees and customers. In addition, the manufacture of metal door Expositors instead of wood, made it possible to re-use that has economic value.

Expositors for doors Advantage “Ipris-Profil” is the ability to secure any item with a thickness of 19 mm to 110 mm.

Fixing exhibition samples (door) is made by moving the clamps. The door leaf is inserted between the clamps that are moved to the center by means of the slide and fixed with two screws. This design allows to control the impact force on the door leaf while securely holding it at the same time without causing mechanical damage. To completely eliminate dents, scratches or chips on a demo sample in clutching holes are provided for mounting the soft gasket.

Expositors for doors “Ipris-Profil” easy to use, reliable, easily transportable and do not depend on the thickness of the door leaf or on its length.


The goal of any development – is to increase productivity and more efficient work processes. Our products meet these characteristics, while saving sales area and profitable showing product, allowing to consider each of them separately.

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