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For eight years we have been equipping the hardware hypermarkets with racks, display racks, paternosters. During this time, major market players appreciated the quality of our products and services.

The principle of DIY stores is to concentrate all the products in the retail area with the minimal use of auxiliary/storage areas. This is due to the choice in favor of storage racks instead of the usual display window placing. Stock products are stored on pallets on the upper tiers right on the trading floor, and the lower tiers are supplemented with accessories for placement of goods by the piece.

 Most of the accessories are attached directly to the traverses of pallet racks, designed for each sales department individually, and based on the weight characteristics of the load.

For example, racks for pallet storage of a cement-sand mixture on loading characteristics will differ from racks for chandeliers.

For each type of goods, special accessories are used: for hanging, dividing, and laying out different kinds of products. This way of demonstrating the goods reduces the number of employees on the trading floor and gives the buyer the freedom of choice.

We already have a lot of completed solutions for placing various loads, but we can develop a product that is right for you.

Buy racks or ask for consultation by contacting the project manager:

tel: +38 (057) 763-66-01

e-mail: pallet.racks@ipris-profil.com

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