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металлическая лестница для стеллажа
защита стеллажей отбойник
паллетно полочные стеллажи для склада
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We completed the project of filling a warehouse in the city of Vyshneve. We installed front racks, drive-in racks, and a warehouse mezzanine on site.

 The warehouse is intended for storage of inflammable materials. In this respect, the customer required to ensure a normal operation of automatic fire-fighting systems and elimination of the fire’s origin point. In order to complete this task, we made perforated shelves with stamped holes (2 cm in diameter) and floor coverings from the pressed lattice.

Mezzanine is designed for manual handling of goods, that’s why warehouse staff moves goods from one floor to another. In order to make employees less tired during going up and down the ladder, we made the ladder wider by 20 cm and reduced its inclination angle.

Extended bumpers are made on the end of the legs of racks to protect the walls from bumps caused by the loading equipment.

 Order racks of any complexity and any load from our project managers in Kharkov:

tel .: +38 (057) 763-66-01

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