ROLL CAGES for postal operator

Folding container

reduces storage space


corresponds to the size of the pallets

shelf load

max 150 kg

Ease of operationof shelves

equipped with double-leaf doors

The rapid growth of the e-commerce market contributes to the active expansion of the network of offline outlets by major online retail players, who in turn form a request for the creation of new types of equipment.

IPRIS-PROFIL has developed a prototype of a roll container-FFC.07 – to provide a more flexible and efficient cargo management for one of the major postal operators.

A number of important requirements have been implemented in this container:

  • the external dimensions of the container correspond to the dimensions of the pallet, so that the optimal loading of vehicles is observed;
  • the container has a folding design, implemented on an A-shaped frame, which allows you to reduce the space occupied during storage and return transportation from the compartment to the warehouse;
  • the container is closed on all sides, including the top;
  • the container is equipped with two double-leaf doors for easy handling.

With sufficiently large dimensions and a weight of 110 kg, the container is easy to maneuver and stable in all positions.


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