New line of a power painting

In the beginning of August 2011 ‘Ipris-Profil’ company put into production a new line of a powder painting.

From that moment all products of the company has passed every stage of a manufacturing, starting from production and finishing with galvanizing or painting of objects, right in its own production areas.

The length of the line is 180 m, the speed of the painting is 1-2,5 m/min. The productivity of the line per one working shift (8 hours) is 1000 m2.

The painting line is equipped with an automatic pistol for the application of powder materials which make possible to get a one-layer ink distribution of an effective thickness.

The thorough preparation of the item’s surface is hold before the ink application: deoilling and bonderasing (to get a good conversion layer).

The conversion prevents a growing up of an underfilm corrosion when using a paint coat. The film ensures the appearance of an adhesion (getting together) of a powder paint coat, provides optimal protective and decorative characteristics of items.

The advantages of the powder painting, compared to a liquid paint coat, is that there are emissions of a dissolvent in the atmosphere, because of it the ecological compatibility increases.

Also the time of the getting covering by a fast hardering cuts down (20 min). Liquid inks hardering takes 1-3 hours.

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