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контейнер металлический иприс-профиль
контейнеры сетчатые иприс профиль
сетчатые контейнеры на стеллажах
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  • Wire mesh containers, H 800 mm

    The wire mesh containers consist of a welded grating and a wooden pallet. Such containers are used for storing, transporting small and medium-sized cargo, as well as for pallet storage in the warehouse.


    For convenient goods loading and unloading, wire mesh containers are equipped with a tail-board, which facilitates an access to the cargo in the container, regardless of the tier.

    The demountable design of the product allows minimizing the storage space of temporarily unused containers.

    штабелируемые контейнеры 800 мм иприс профиль
    Cargo capacity, kg До 1000
    Meshwidth, mm 50 х 50
    100 х 100
    Overall size, mm 1200 х 800 х 800
    Number of tiers 4
    Coating Powder paint

    Different sizes of the containers (50 x 50 mm and 100 x 100 mm) allow placement of goods of different sizes, for example auto parts, construction and finishing materials, small accessories, piece goods.

    The mesh containers (800 mm high) are stacked up to four tiers in height, which saves 3/4 of the storage space.

    Stack loading:

    1 tier – 750 kg

    2 tier – 750 kg

    3 tier – 750 kg

    4 tier – 500 kg


    High Wire Mesh Container, H 1800 mm

    The main advantage of a high mesh container is protection from damage of goods placed in it.

    The container is made with two doors. Access to goods either on the top or bottom shelves is independent.

    Fragile goods can be placed on the upper shelves. The maximum loading capacity on a shelf is 200 kg.

    Folded container occupies a minimum of space due to its construction, as it can be placed onto the pallet.

    сетчатые контейнеры с полкой 1800 мм
    Overall size, mm 1200 х 800 х 1800
    Meshwidth, mm 50 х 50
    Tier loading capacity, kg 200
    Coating Powder paint

    Wire mesh containers are widely applied on assembly lines, in production workshops for storage of finished products, in supermarkets for placing goods, because they increase work efficiency.


    – Can be used as returnable container. In this case there are no expenses for packing in boxes or stretch-film;

    – loading/unloading time reduction due to the absence of piece-by-piece cargo handling;

    possibility of stacking up to 4 tiers;

    – preservation of the integrity of goods and packaging;

    – demountable construction. Disassembled, it takes up a minimum of space.

    Ipris-Profil” produces wire mesh containers on much lower price than competitors, while maintaining a high quality of manufacturing.

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