Pallet racking is another great solution for storage by “Ipris-Profil”.

Pallet racking is used for storing pallets compactly grouped on a platform for goods, fixed with an overwrap. Such constructions usually has tiers, the distance between them depends on the height of the pallets. Tiers of pallet racking are made from a couple of traverses.

паллетные стеллажи иприс профиль стеллажи паллетные ipri-profil

The lower tiers are equipped with shelves for combined storage of piece goods and goods on pallets. The manufacturer can offer additional metal shelves, perforated shelves to enhance fire safety, shelves from OSB or MDF.

наборные полки для стеллажей перфорированные полки для стеллажа

One of the frequently asked questions is: “How to assemble pallet racks?”

In that case, the manufacturer prepares technical documentation, which also includes a rack assembly scheme.


схема сборки рам паллетных стеллажей

Therefore, customers can assemble racks themselves.

Also, a customer can order a supervising installation service to save money on installation. The supervising installation implies that the consultant from the manufacturer monitors the process of assembling the pallet racks by the customer’s employees.

Else, the buyer pays for the services of a professional team that will carry out a quality installation in the shortest time possible.

паллетный стеллаж устанока паллетные стеллажи иприс профиль для складского помещения

Pallet racks consist of frames and traverses. The frame of the rack consists of two bars connected by horizontal and diagonal junctions with the help of bolt connections.

The location and number of junctions depend on the height of the rack and is made in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical documentation. The part of the assembly table for one frame is shown below.

The “Ipris-Profil” company produces racks up to 14 meters high.

комплектация рамы

Racks are installed on the thrust plates, which are rigidly attached to the floor with the help of anchors.

установка рам паллетных стеллажей подпятники под стеллажи паллетный стеллаж устанока иприс

Mounting holes are made (spaced at intervals of 50 mm) to install the traverse in the stands. Traverses are beams with hooks welded to both ends. Racks are completely demountable so they can be transported to another room. Also, the design allows to increase or reduce the length of front racks.

Fixers are used to prevent accidental knocking out of the traverse by the loader when installing the cargo.


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