Electric paternoster store or roll materials

Storage roll materials, such as linoleum or carpet, the problem is quite complicated. The difficulties caused by the size and weight of the rolls, which make it almost impossible to work with them one person. In addition, even one roll occupies a lot of space, which makes us look for ways to optimize the use of warehouse space for storage and exposure roll materials.

A remarkable solution to this problem is the electric paternoster.

Paternoster – an automated demo rack for rolls of carpet, linoleum, artificial leather, PVC film for stretch ceilings, etc. The vertical carousel system allows you to quickly move the rolls in the choice of material required, place a large number of products on small areas and classify samples..

Using this equipment in the warehouse or on the trading floor of building a supermarket, you can buy multiple advantages:

  • saving space by placing a large number of rolls in a small area;
  • Full automation of the warehouse or shop floor;
  • possibility of installing reels of different diameters and lengths;
  • able to quickly find the desired type of product;
  • modern design;
  • Systems management is sufficient participation of one person;
  • high safety;

 Патерностер для линолеума от производителя Иприс-Профиль Патерностер для ковролина - Иприс-Профиль, Харьков

The main characteristic of Paternoster, the production of “Ipris-profil” is a consistently high quality of design and unmatched reliability.

Quantity of axes depends on the height and the diameter of the roll paternoster and can reach 26 pieces. Linoleum rolls or 14 pieces. Carpet.

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