ролл-контейнеры иприсRoll-containers are mesh mobile boxes for reliable storage and convenient transportation of small-sized cargos of virtually any type. Roll-containers serve as indispensable helpers in the warehouse and distribution centers and help to accelerate and simplify the work with a variety of goods.

These mesh containers on wheels are specially designed for a safe transportation of cargo. “Ipris-Profil” understands the importance of the convenience in operations and storage of small items such as dishes, appliances, clothes, shoes, food and other things in warehouses, manufactures and shopping centers, that is why it manufactures containers on wheels for our customers both in standard sizes and according to a customer’s technical design specification.

Technical considerations & performance characteristics of roll-containers

The container on wheels (roll-containers) consists of 4 mesh walls, mounted on a platform with four swivel wheels. They are made of black metal and are covered with powder paint or galvanized coating to protect them from corrosion.


The design of the roll-containers allows to move up to 550 kg of cargo, and the overall dimensions are optimal for the full loading of the body of the car. This design has the following advantages:

  • extensive use: roll-containers are convenient for transportation of any small-sized products in supermarkets, warehouses, logistics centers, in production;
  • mobility and ease of operation due to swivel wheels with brakes;
  • safe transportation of small-sized products due to mesh walls;
  • the possibility of transporting goods without the help of loading equipment;
  • possibility of the most efficient transportation process due to the overall dimensions, optimal for the full loading of the body of the transport vehicle.ролл контейнеры на колесах

The production of mobile containers by the “Ipris-Profil” company is located in Ukraine. The products by “Ipris-Profil” is equel to Western analogues thanks to its technical characteristics. The powerful production base of our company allows us to manufacture mesh containers for various tasks, taking into account our customers’ special requirements and cargo characteristics (depending on this, the height of the walls and the size of the platform on wheels can be designed specifically for the customer, and there is also the choice of the type of coating).

You can buy roll-containers from the manufacturer with delivery for any enterprise in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, and other cities of Ukraine.


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