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The efficiency of the warehouse depends on its design, layout, the equipment used. Warehouse – a complex technological system that performs a number of important production functions.

The logistics process includes such steps as the unloading and receiving goods, warehousing, inventory logistics, order picking, shipping and so on. All of them are interconnected, the effectiveness of the implementation of each of them directly affect the speed of the whole system.

Logistics plays an important role in the functioning of the enterprise, and high-quality equipment – is one of the most important aspects of his work. Rack and transport systems contribute to the safe handling and storage of cargo.

Quality equipment must meet a number of requirements, have certain characteristics. Storage racks, as well as other logistics equipment, should be, above all, durable, innovative and functional, as well as the goods on the crease appear objects of varying severity, racks should also be resistant to physical stress.

There are several types of rack systems: the front pallet racks, mezzanines, printed, combined, archive shelving and shelf storage racks. The use of a particular type depends on the nature and gravity of the load and the type of warehouse.

Pallet racks front-loading often are used in warehouses with high turnover. They allow any time to gain access to the required product. Designed for storage of objects placed on pallets (pallets) or in containers. Such racks are used in large warehouses and terminals, wholesale and retail and wholesale stores with a wide range.

Gables is a multi-tiered structure, which saves storage space by building up the warehouse. Such equipment is used most effectively in warehouses with high ceilings. At the same time large loads are placed on the bottom, and a small piece goods – on the upper levels, thereby increasing the useful area of the warehouse is 100%.

Shelving (or drive-in) are used for storage of palletized goods. Their distinguishing feature is that the storage equipment works directly inside the rack system. They are structurally more complex than the horizontal, and is a structure of frames and lodgements (guides), forming corridors for the movement of machinery.

Combined racks are designed for indoor use, while performing the function of a warehouse and retail space, most of all -. The construction of supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping centers, etc. They allow owners of these outlets to save on construction of additional warehouse database.

Archive Shelving System is widely applicable for the storage of light loads, for example, documents with financial institutions, design offices, publishing houses and at home.

Warehouse Shelving System can be used to store both light and heavy loads at a height of no more than 7 meters and a maximum load up to 4000 kg. Buy shelving storage racks on the price of the manufacturer can be in “Ipris-profil”, leading enterprises in the development and manufacturing of rack systems in Ukraine.

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