Warehouse racks selection

The purpose of the warehouse – receipt, placement, storage of goods and preparing it for release to the consumer.

Below the warehouse was cost-effective, rack equipment should correspond to the intensity of work.

Bystrooborachivaemye warehouses involve the storage within one to several weeks. In this case, we recommend the client front racks or mezzanines. Front shelves provide access to each unit of the load without moving other pallets, stock inventory control, high load capacity, the ability to combine pallet and shelf storage.
Warehouse long-term storage of seasonal items or items with unlimited shelf life assumes storage for several months. In this case, we recommend the installation of printed shelving (Drive-In). Stuffed racks are installed as a single unit and provide high density space, but it greatly reduced the speed of cargo handling. It is advisable to install stuffed racks in shop warehouses and warehouses of finished products of a limited range for the accumulation of inventory. While standing under one article to allocate a separate channel.
A combined warehouse storage. Part of the cargo belongs to bystrooborachivaemye and goods storage. In these warehouses can be installed frontally, stuffed racks or mezzanines.
Mezzanines allow you to divide the space on the floors and at each level, to organize different types of storage and accommodation. For example, lower tier complement in pallet racks, and the upper shelf or place on the top tier office space.

The development of the project is always done individually, taking into account the size of the room, height of ceiling, distance between columns, cargo characteristics (weight, size, shape), the presence of loading equipment, etc.

The presence of loading equipment and its technical characteristics affect the height of the shelves and the width miscellany passes.

складские стеллажи иприс профиль  фронтальные складские стеллажи

To date, there is a certain distance between universal shelves. Miscellania the passages considered, according to the formula: width 2 trucks + mirror + “takeaway” pallets outside of the rack.

In addition take into account the times required to comply with fire safety. Based on these data, about 65% of the area is occupied technical and miscellania passages. And even the use of narrow-aisle technology gives significant reduction (about 62%).

As you can see, the selection of racks is to trust the experts. Technology “IPRIS-Profil” free will produce measurements of the room and prepare the warehouse design according to your technical task.

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