Net as a universal container transport packaging

Security and integrity of cargo – one of the priorities of all the participants involved in the process of storage and transportation of various goods. Daily storekeepers and logisticians, forwarders and carriers have to look for the best ways to protect against damage to the transported goods and products. It is often the result of these decisions is to abandon the portion of the volume or weight of the shipment. And when it comes to the transport of light loads in various shapes and sizes, the preservation of their integrity while maintaining a cost-effective transport volume and does seem a fantasy.

Mesh containers (net fencing pallets), developed by “Ipris-profil” allows you to securely protect the cargo, as well as solve a number of related tasks.

Net fencing is a collapsible structure which is attached to a wooden pallet with special hooks. Due to the absence of bolted connections, the design can be easily assembled without using tools.

Specifications:Setchatiy kontainer

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1200h800h1800 mm

Shelf load: 120 kg

The total load on the wall: 500 kg

Total weight without shelf: 38 kg

Weight of one shelf: 7.5 kg

Cell sidewall: 50×100 mm

the rear wall of the cell and the door: 100×100 mm

Cell shelves: 50 mm


Due to the universality of design, developed by the design bureau of “Ipris-profil” mesh fencing has been used in many areas:


– Efficient use of space (volume) in the racks;

– Flexible organization zones for boxed shipment or shipping boxes / crates without changing the storage equipment and a slight change in its configuration (up to the organization on the floor).


– Effective use of car spaces;

– Preservation by sealing assembled pallets;

– The layout of the product and shipping it in a few points, but in the same cargo space, with a clear visual diversity and a lead seal.

Trade point:

– Online access to a particular without the need to disassemble the entire pallet (with the necessary space for such equal access 800×1200);

– Operational organization shelf storage in the TT at the time of the peak in sales;

– The use of this equipment for pallet calculations or shares and it is possible:

Manage the stock, which is laid out, depicting the abundance of goods;
Making laying open piece and keep the margin in the boxes, which is available to the buyer;
On laying open to hang advertising and promotional materials, as well as the use of attachments.

S gruzom Torgovoe oborudovanie

Net container production “Ipris-Profil”, has already proved its efficiency in the logistics of many Ukrainian companies, saving them significant financial and human resources.


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