Growing grapes on a trellis

Trellis grape growing grapes lay allows not only in areas suitable for this purpose, but also far beyond. There are examples of growing grapes on a trellis at an altitude of 400 meters and above, with careful selection of varieties.
Grape trellis intense using the sun’s rays, grapes
begins to bear fruit in the second or third year after planting. On this basis, even undeveloped land, in the case of tapestry viticulture, could be of great economic importance.


Industrial cultivation of grapes requires careful attention to the choice of the soil cover, the release of the site of weeds, trees, shrubs and stones, to a method and planting density, selection of varieties and installing trellises.

The application supports a prerequisite for normal growth and development of the grapes because they create favorable conditions for the formation of clusters, the use of complex mechanized operations, better use of light and heat plants, their ventilation, reduced exposure to pests and diseases.

Supports for industrial vineyard is a vertical trellis. Install it at the end of the first – the beginning of the second year of life bush. Support system consists of the following elements: extreme (anchor) and intermediate supports, anchors for securing the extreme poles and trellis wire. Typically, a wooden, concrete or iron poles (pillar). In connection with the widespread use of the vineyard bushes stam form requirements for strength, stability trellis support increase.

Metal trellis poles “Ipris-profile” laboratory tested. During the test, under the influence of the compressive load of the central pillar bump acquired from the plane in the direction of the wall, which increases as the load is applied, with the ultimate load was 2600 kg. These results, we were able to achieve an increase in ribs on the surface of the pillars.

Grape trellis “Ipris-profil” not allow the use of additional devices for securing the wire to the posts, as design metal poles provides for external (or internal) hooks for easy hanging trellis wires.
See supports directory “Ipris-profil” grapes

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