Racks for different cargo categories

The storage racks are divided into two types depending on the carrying capacity:

  • racks for storing heavy loads (pallets);
  • racks for light and medium loads (shelves).



Warehouse racks allow to organize and optimize the storage of goods just as follows:

  • storage of products in the right order in warehouses of various types of destination (distribution/logistics centers, production facilities, car-care centers, trade halls of self-service stores, mobile bases, etc.);
  • the organization of storage of spare parts, tires, and disks, barrels, long-length loads, carpet, textile products in rolls, sanitary products;
  • organization of storage/handling of goods with the maximum number of items;
  • organization of restricted access areas.

The benefits of racks from Ipris-Profil:

  • high functionality;
  • durability and reliability;
  • possibility to make temporary structures;
  • resistance to temperature changes, mechanical damage;
  • the flooring of various kinds;
  • the possibility of producing nonstandard types of shelving according to individual technical specifications (length of the row, rack height, and load capacity are designed on-request);
  • manufacturer price.

Racks for Warehouses

Enhanced racks are applied during the organization of storage of heavy loads in industrial and warehouse premises.


Pallet racks are widely used with front loading, allowing you to store goods on pallets, flooring, or in containers. The rack system of this configuration is popular in warehouses with high turnover and is also the base for the construction of mezzanines and ramming racks.

The warehouse front racks manufactured by Ipris-Profil have many advantages:

  • metal racks have a high load-bearing capacity: up to 21 tons per frame;
  • shelving with a single stand can reach 14 meters in height;
  • designed for a load of up to 1000 kg at the storage level;
  • calculated individually taking into account the characteristics of the cargo, the availability of load-lifting equipment.


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 Depending on the load, shelf racks produced by Ipris-Profil are divided into two main categories:

  • for storage of light loads (up to 250 kg per shelf);
  • for storage of goods of medium loads (up to 1000 kg per storage level).

 Advantages of the shelf racks:

  • storage of goods with a distributed load on the shelf from 90 to 250 kg;
  • possibility of storing both light and heavy loads at the height of up to 7 meters;
  • capacity on the racks of warehouse shelf racks of this type can reach 4000 kg;
  • possibility of manual handling of cargo without the help of warehouse equipment.


For the individual design of racks the following factors are taken into account:

  • сharacteristics of goods (weight, packaging, etc.);
  • configurations of prеmіsеs (height, the presence of beams, ceilings, columns);
  • a wide range of shelves, differing in material, load characteristics, method of installation on the traverse.


Pricing for racks from the company “Ipris-Profil”


The price for the types of racks listed above will depend on various factors:

  • number of storage locations;
  • carrying capacity;
  • traverses used (the length is calculated individually depending on the characteristics of the cargo);
  • type of coating.

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