Commercial equipment and display of goods in stores

Equipment for shops selling household goods and construction must fully enable the buyer to assess the quality of the goods to make a decision about buying it in your store. At the same commercial equipment must have an attractive appearance and at the same time focus on the product, organically fit into the overall concept of the store, provide capacity of a wide range of goods to be safe for customers and employees.

Ipris-profil” – a leader in providing customized solutions for the retail and warehouse space offers its customers manufacturing Expositors for each group of products in several different ways, for example:

– Expositors for doors

экспозитор для межкомнатных дверей на базе паллетных стеллажейэкспозиторы для межкомнатных дверей от Иприс Профиль


– Stands for tile

   экспозитор для плитки от Иприс экспозитор плитка горизонтальный_600х Экспозитор с плиткой

– Carpet stands

   стенд для ковров раздвижной раздвижной 3000х2000х21 Экспозитор малых ковров книжка

– Paternoster for linoleum and carpet, as well as trucks for transportation of rolls

  Ковровая стойка на 104 ковра от Иприс-Профиль, Харьков  стенд для ковров

– Stands for laminate;

– Rack for shovels;

– Pallet racks for dry mixes and paint products;

– Cantilever racks for pipes;

– Accessories Integrated in pallet racks to showcase piece goods, such as axes, countertops, baseboards, carpets for bathrooms, power tools, shovels, plastic panel;

– Other non-standard Equipment.

For many products already developed commercial equipment in several forms, so we offer a ready-made options and services for the development of unique equipment that meets the customer’s requirements.

We produce trade equipment with these characteristics, so you do not have to rent additional storage or release of the retail space for storing goods.

Correctly chosen equipment for shops


It will allow you to stand out among the companies selling similar products,
turn visitors into loyal customers,
will help boost sales,
It will allow the same area to accommodate more product groups to ensure that the buyer had the opportunity to make all the necessary purchases in one place.
Especially for the construction business hypermarkets we produce trucks for the transportation of drywall, baseboards, wooden beams and so forth. Oversized products, as well as hand-held platform trolley with a folding platform.

Carts are 2 swivel and 2 fixed wheels.

  тележка платформенная Иприс Профиль транспортировочная тележка для гипермаркетов

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