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On the second or third year after planting for the convenience of care of the plant and the formation of clusters is set vertical trellis. This design, which consist of the end and intermediate pillars trellis wire and anchor-in-one. As the vine poles are usually used reinforced concrete, iron or wooden poles. Galvanized steel poles are characterized by high durability, resistance to environmental influences, durability.

Install end poles at a distance of 70-80 cm at an angle of 60 ° to the side of the road. Garden anchors dug into the soil to a pylon. Intermediate poles set using the tractor columnar or settling pit to a depth of 55-60 cm every 6-7 meters vertically. Hold the end of support in an inclined position helps the guy wire anchor latched to the candy bar. Sometimes they are attached via the supports, but this method is less reliable and therefore less applicable. After that, for a number of tensioned galvanized wire and using loops or clips attached it to the intermediate posts. So better to just install galvanized steel supports with hooks. under the grapes end supports set at a distance of 30-40 cm from the outer bushes.

No matter what material made the pillars, pull-wires may be several. Their number depends on the climatic conditions of the region, growth of bushes and force applied agricultural technology.

In the steppe and foothill areas in rainfed conditions, the height of the grape trellis can vary from 1.5 to 2 m, the distance between the rows of wires can also be as follows:

1) The first row by the distance from the ground surface 35-45 cm,
2) a second at a distance – from the first 40-45 cm,
3) The third in the distance – 45-50 cm from the second.

In this last series to be mobile, to the extent of shoot growth to be able to change the distance of 80-90 cm from the second row of wire.

In irrigated conditions trellis height is generally not less than 2 m and has the distribution:

1) the first row – at a height of 40-45 cm from the soil surface,
2) second – 40-45 cm from the first,
3) a third – 45-50 cm from the second,
4) the fourth – 50-75 cm from the third row can be moved on the growth of shoots.

For strong-varieties in irrigated conditions the height of the trellis is sometimes adjusted to 2.25 m, which requires an additional number of wires. Further, if necessary, pull wire is already in two rows. Here, the first row wire is single, and the second and third double.

Currently, most often practiced double wire pulling only the second row. This allows for the growth of shoots to make winding of the third and fourth tier without tying.

Another type of tapestries – a biplanar trellis. This type poles for vineyards, characterized in that within each row is set not one but two trellises plane uniformly diverging towards the top. This trellis is indispensable for the formation of powerful bushes in irrigated areas for grades, requiring long pruning with plenty of long-term timber. The difference between the one and two-plane trellis is only in the distribution of wires: the latter requires the attachment of additional cross bars on the number of rows of double wires.

Read more about the grape trellis.

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