Types formirovok vine

One of grapes for care procedures is Forming bush. This procedure is carried out in order to facilitate the care of a plant, to improve grape growing conditions: ventilation, sunlight penetration and heat.

There are different types shaping. They are divided into two areas:

Forming on a trellis, with row spacing of 1.4-2 m, suitable for processing tools on the cable-drawn or narrow gauge tractor,
Forming spacious landing with row spacing 2-3.5 m, suitable for conventional tractors.
When installing trellis supports the system should take into account such factors as the row spacing, the distance between plants in rows, the height of the trunk, which determines the height, volume and mass of sprouts leaves.

The height of the trunk is determined by the total height of tapestries, wood and shape of fruit and row spacing should not be more than 70 cm. When planting in wide it can reach 1.2 m. If the cultivation system is used without conducting bushes green operations, trunk height can reach up to 1, 5 m.

View trellises determined by the method of conducting the bushes, grape variety and climatic conditions of growth.

On a vertical monoplanar trellis vine growth is in the same plane. They are very easy to manufacture, easy in caring for the bushes, provide uniform ripening harvest. design supports set at a distance of 3-4 meters.

There are also monoplanar trellis with a visor. In this case, grape vine placed horizontally on the visor so that sunlight penetrates poorly under the lower rows of leaves.

Two-plane vertical trellis represents two monoplanar tapestry on one row. Such trellis provide better penetration of solar energy, a better airing of the green mass. A shaping bush into several branches, from 4 to 12, allows to increase productivity.

such rules should be followed when pulling the wire:

1) does not equal the height of the trunk to the height of the wire first he must end by 20 cm below the first row, to provide easy bending of shoots,
2) stamp need to be tied to a peg with a presumptive lifetime of at least 10 years. For example, when two-way shaping there is only one wire for hoses, clusters rely on a single wire, and young trunks bent by excessive pressure,
3) intermediate pillars set on a fairly short distance from each other (4-5 m) to increase the stability of a wire trellis.

Sufficiently effective and reliable method of installing a trellis, which uses three rows of wire, two upper fixed and one movable, with the distance between the first and second 20 cm. This allows to protect them from the wind breaking the first days after planting.

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