Selection of commercial equipment in construction hypermarket

In recent years significantly increased the number of DIY format stores (do it yourself – «do it yourself”), implementing the construction and finishing materials, tools, plumbing, household goods and interior, furniture, goods direction “gardening” and focused on the customers own carrying out repair works.

стеллажи для строительных гипермаркетов от Иприс стенды для плитки паллетные стеллажи торговые стеллажи для гипермаркетов

Such stores are presented in the format of hypermarkets with a range of 30-40 thousand items in the price segment “average – below average.”.

Filling the store so many articles, retailer buyer eliminates the need to search for the missing goods, and other retail outlets, as a result, attracts additional “influx” of customers.

It is no secret that the merchandising technologies define a methodology for the distribution of goods to increase sales, which is based on the correct part of the zoning of the space, taking into account the already known facts about the behavior of people who entered the shop (80-90% turn right and go further along the right wall). Accordingly, it is on this route should place the best and new products, as carried out at the entrance about 60% of sales.

Heterogeneity of building materials and their storage conditions make adjustments to the selection and development of commercial equipment laying schemes with an emphasis on priority areas.

полки для стеллажей строительного супермаркета полки для магазина строительных материалов торговые стеллажи для супермаркетов DIY

The self-service shops use shelves Cash & Carry on the basis of pallet racking and various Expositors.

For dry construction mixtures, paints and varnishes, sealants, acoustic and thermal insulation materials, etc. Are suitable pallet racks with shelves for displaying goods at the lower tiers and crossarms for storing pallets.

For nomenclatural separation profiles, moldings, pipes, friezes, cornices and other long products used separators integrated into the design of the rack. A wide range of accessories allows virtually all products present in the rack plane.

стеллажи для межкомнатных дверей производитель стеллажи для строительных гипермаркетов демонстрация ковров в магазине стенды

However, for some product groups better use Expositors. They are installed in such a way that the customer sees at the same time different in supplies that may be needed in the repair of one room (eg bathroom chosen ceramic tiles, then next will be showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, pipes and faucets, floor mats, heated towel racks, dispensers, and so on.).

If there is free space in the trading room, you can install the platform on the columns to show the light sources (chandeliers, lamps, sconces) with an area of storage of stocks on the upper tier.

For delivery of goods up into the platform provides boot net. Staff climbs the spiral staircase.

оборудование для продажи люстр   мезонин с летницей для магазина

The main condition for when selecting commercial equipment – the maximum openness and ease of access to the goods.

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