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Metal Shelving System is perhaps the most popular type of designs that are used for storage of different goods in warehouses. But other than that, Shelving System successfully used in archives, libraries. No large enterprise can not do without this design. How to orient in a variety of designs choice of racks, while providing maximum efficiency at the lowest cost?

Depending on the load, shelving racks are divided into two main categories: For light loads (up to 150 kg per shelf) and racks for goods of average weight (up to 1000 kg per storage level). For loads greater weight used pallet racks. Shelving for light loads is often called “archival” racks, as they are widely used for storage of various documents in the archives, accounting, registries, or just in the offices of various companies. The second type of shelving is called “warehouse” racks, as due to the high load capacity, they settled down in various warehouses in all sectors of the economy.

Types of shelving from “Ipris-profil”
The company “Ipris-profil” offers its customers two types of shelving. Shelving archive shelving wear the name of the SI-30 storage racks for medium loads – SI-50.

Archival racks series SI-30 manufactured from cold rolled steel is usually galvanized. This allows the use of these racks in any premises at any temperature operating conditions. Design feature of this model is the lack of shelving bolted connections. Shelves in these racks with special hooks are attached to the posts. Because of this, you can quickly assemble shelving or disassembled without tools. rack design allows two shelf span, without using additional elements, thus saving funds for the resettlement of the storage area, as well as efficient use of floor space.

The range “Ipris-profil” 12 shelves sizes for light shelving that allows you to choose the design, taking into account the client’s individual needs. Load range on the shelf is from 90 to 150 kg per shelf. For customizing, rack, on request, can be coated with paint from RAL catalog.

SR-50 – storage racks, the production of “Ipris-profil”, which are designed for loads up to 1000 kg per storage level. Racks of this series are composed of uprights which form the stack frame, horizontal beams, which are called cross-members, and shelves. Racks with a special thrust bearing fastened to the floor, to provide rigidity and stability. rack shelves can be metal or from DSP. In order to provide the necessary capacity, while effectively use warehouse space, the height of the rack and the length of the traverse will be made in accordance with the individual needs of the customer. Production time a racking system – up to three weeks.

Production Company “Ipris-profil” has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality shelving. The company’s managers are always ready to provide quality advice to equip warehouses and pick a solution that satisfies the client’s needs.

racks are delivered throughout Ukraine. Shelf racks, production of “Ipris-profil” are installed on different types of enterprises in cities such as Kharkov, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv and many others.

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