Why Expositors?

Designers – people with imaginative and innovative approach to design. They embody the emotions from what you see in the objects and create new solutions that can revitalize and beautify any interior,  human weekdays in bright colors.

We often do not think about that before the creation of the thing itself is born the philosophy of things. This makes it unique, transmitting emotions, creates a desire to “settle” in the house.

Designer brands create a new perception of each room, which should be not only functional room, but to have his soul, manifested in the details. As a result, we can see not just a shower, and a magic trick with the light and the water that is available to us each day, or ceramic tiles with an original textured surface, which can be confused with luxurious textiles, or mixers with contactless electronic control, is revolutionizing the kitchen space by combining comfort and high technology.

We want your customers see through the eyes of designer goods: its original texture, impeccable style and excellent quality. To near Expositors visitor plunged into the atmosphere of elegant Provence with its lavender fields and felt the echoes of fantastic adventures near the wooden panels with old maps, imbued with a unique combination of elegance and simplicity.

Commercial equipment for TM stores “Ipris-profil” – a vast collection covering all product categories construction hypermarket: sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, accessories, wallpaper, laminate, ceramic tiles, interior doors, stands for carpets (link to the stands for carpets ) and many other products, which help to equip the space.

стенды для ковровых покрытий столы для продажи цветов в супермаркетах

экспозитор для плиткиOn Expositors for ceramic tiles seem to revive geometrical and floral motifs, past murals captivate the imagination of a strong emotional impact. Expositors for mixers demonstrate various designs (conventional or electronic) that differ in design, the presence of pull spout with flexible hoses.

The self-service stores sales assistants tasks increasingly shifted to Expositors. As far as the buyer will be convenient to independently assess the quality and advantages of the product depends on its decision to purchase.

Despite the fact that the store space performs many functions, our commercial equipment will retain freedom of movement at the maximum display of goods and guarantees customers comfort during their stay in the hypermarket.

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