The secure boot module. Completed project

custom project development

Height of the pallet with a cargo 1800 mm

The width of aperture 2000 mm

Safety of pallet movement

модуль безопасной загрузки для склада
оборудование для систем складского хранения
модуль безопасной загрузки для склада от Иприс-Профиль
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The secure boot module – is a necessary element of the multi-tier storage system, which provides isolation of personnel in the area of loading and unloading equipment.

Pallet gates – one configuration of modules for secure boot. In contrast to the sliding and swing gates, the pallet gates ensure the safety of warehouse personnel. The main purpose of such constructions is isolation of warehouse workers in the area of a working loader or in open areas with railings.

In fact, for the people who are on mezzanine racks or mezzanine platform, access to hazardous areas is constantly closed, while the operator does not need to approach the edge of the mezzanine to open/close the changeover gate (modes of operation – loading/sorting of goods)!

The project was made for the individual order.


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