Pallet racking is another great solution for storage by “Ipris-Profil”.Pallet racking is used for storing pallets compactly grouped on a platform for goods, fixed with an overwrap. Such constructions usually… Read more »


Roll-containers are mesh mobile boxes for reliable storage and convenient transportation of small-sized cargos of virtually any type. Roll-containers serve as indispensable helpers in the warehouse and distribution centers and… Read more »

Racks for different cargo categories

The storage racks are divided into two types depending on the carrying capacity:racks for storing heavy loads (pallets);racks for light and medium loads (shelves). Warehouse racks allow to organize and optimize… Read more »

Warehouse racks selection

The purpose of the warehouse – receipt, placement, storage of goods and preparing it for release to the consumer.Below the warehouse was cost-effective, rack equipment should correspond to the intensity… Read more »

Why Expositors?

Designers - people with imaginative and innovative approach to design. They embody the emotions from what you see in the objects and create new solutions that can revitalize and beautify… Read more »

How to store tires

Each manufacturer sets its own expiration date on the new tires from 5 to 10 years. Therefore, you must take an interest in period and conditions of storage of tires… Read more »

Selecting shelving

Metal Shelving System is perhaps the most popular type of designs that are used for storage of different goods in warehouses. But other than that, Shelving System successfully used in… Read more »

Certificate of Compliance – what is it?

Certification - a procedure by which the authorized body documents the conformity of production requirements established by legislation in force in Ukraine.For products included in the "list of products subject… Read more »

A little about Paternoster …

The invention relates to the first paternoster 1915, but only in the 60s of the last century there was a prototype of the modern model. A prerequisite for the creation… Read more »

Advantages of rack systems: questions and answers

How storage equipment (shelving systems) influence the effectiveness of product placement in the warehouse, on the time savings, storage space and other resources?Rack "Ipris-profile" of the system are calculated, designed,… Read more »

Equipment storage and logistics facilities

The efficiency of the warehouse depends on its design, layout, the equipment used. Warehouse - a complex technological system that performs a number of important production functions.The logistics process includes… Read more »

The device supports grape

On the second or third year after planting for the convenience of care of the plant and the formation of clusters is set vertical trellis. This design, which consist of… Read more »

Types formirovok vine

One of grapes for care procedures is Forming bush. This procedure is carried out in order to facilitate the care of a plant, to improve grape growing conditions: ventilation, sunlight… Read more »

Features care of young vineyards

Seedling grapes, he may be put in any time of the year, needs proper care, which includes chizelevanie, irrigation, loosening the soil, cleaning weeds, garter to the support, forming shop… Read more »

Construction salesrooms supermarkets

Trading hall - is the main commercial premises, which houses the working and exhibition stock goods, made his selection and sale. Therefore, to produce the layout and construction of such… Read more »

Growing grapes on a trellis

Trellis grape growing grapes lay allows not only in areas suitable for this purpose, but also far beyond. There are examples of growing grapes on a trellis at an altitude… Read more »

Hot-dip galvanized – what is it?

Hot-dip galvanized (zinc galvanizing in melt) is a simple and effective way to protect steel structures. It protects metal working under the influence of atmospheric, soil, water corrosion, and ensures… Read more »

Standards manual pallet racks

Today, almost every country has its own standards of operation of pallet racking and shelving equipment manufacturers association (for example, in the UK it is SEMA). More than 10 years… Read more »