“Ipris-profil” Company

“Ipris-profil” Company was founded in 2003 in Kharkiv as an in-store equipment manufacturing and rolling machine designing enterprise. Currently, “Ipris-profil” LLC is at the forefront of the metal profiles and storage rack systems manufactures in the Ukrainian market.

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Over its 14-year history, the company has not only significantly increased the number of activities and increased the output, but also significantly expanded the geography of its activity. Currently, the company’s products are presented in different branches of economy of the CIS countries, the European Union, the Baltic States and Asia.

“Ipris-Profil” is one of the closed cycle enterprises and has its own production facilities as well as transport and logistics services. All products are certified according to international quality standards and are manufactured on the equipment of its own production. The company also has several patents for their own development.

The major product line comprises pallet racks, longitudinal electric-welded steel tubes, support for vineyards and orchard trees, mesh containers and cold-formed profiles. In addition, the structure of the company has a separate area allocated to post-industrial processing structures (painting and cutting).


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Thanks to technological, administrative and human resources, the company takes the responsibility to effectively and timely to provide customer solutions in the format “from the idea – to its implementation.”

The high level of competence of “Ipris-profil” team is marked by a number of national and international expert awards.