LLC ‘Ipris-Profil’ is a fast-moving closed cycle factory. It is increasing its production with every year. The factory processes more than 1,5 thousand tons of metal a month.

The “Ipris-Profil’s” production facilities are situated in the industrial area of Kharkiv. There are several specialized departments on the factory, such as metal unreeling and machining process plot, shaping, stamping and perforating plot, welding area and powder painting plot which includes automatic and semi-automatic production lines. In addition, the company possesses its own storehouse for final goods storing and continuously complemented steel store.

Proper high-accuracy rolling equipment, which is getting improved according to the branch development and technological innovation every year, is widely used in industries. The usage of this kind of machinery provides the high quality and technological effectiveness of the company’s goods, filling of order speed and makes possible to lead a flexible pricing policy.


Order  formation
Design and technological preparation of production
The production task implementation
Delivery and after-sales service

Production capacity

Quality control

The ‘Ipris-profil’ company has used the ISO 9001 quality control system since 2008 and passes ISO 9001 test every year.

Quality control department is a separate department which keeps a check on a goods’ compliance with requirements at all stages of the production, including the purchase of the raw materials and issue of end products. All goods and details of the structures are compulsory certificated and tested. The ‘Ipris-Profil’s experts carry out continuous quality and technical standards’ control, the control of the engineering design documentation, shipping and negotiations’ terms.

When getting an order, a customer is provided with a ticket which includes the description of the main products’ characteristics, storage and transportation conditions.

Warehouse Designing

The engineering and design department (EDD) is one of the ‘Ipris-profil’ company’s divisions.

The company’s construction department implements projects in the “from an idea to the realization” format: the design of the projects from the very beginning, preparation of the equipment’s construction documentation which is used when manufacturing goods, and production of the final certificated products is carried out according to the customer’s requirements. It is possible to work in this way in cases of producing steel goods not more than 2 mm thick, as pallet racks, longitudinal welded steel tubes, supports for vine and garden trees, roll cages and cold-bent sections.

EDD designs highly engineered rack systems, starting from the measurement of a room and finishing with the 3D model of a project.

All design developments of the company are tested in a significant way and introduced into industry with follow-on.

The engineering department’s experts are also responsible for the design and modernization of specialized equipment of different sophistication levels: rolling mills, lines of stamping and cutting of the metal etc.

Nowadays thanks to the work of the EDD’s experts ‘Ipris-profil’ has patents for a unique configuration pallet racks and road-form production.


The “Ipris-Profil” company is a unique enterprise on the Ukrainian market since it applies to industrial enterprises of both “A” and “B” classes according to the economic purpose of production.

“Ipris-Profil” has its own production of roll-forming equipment, lines for the production of perforated profiles, lines for metal dissolution and cutting. In addition, the company manufactures racks, roll-containers, electric-welded pipes, grape supports, and other products.

What does this give our customers?

The technical inspection of rolling equipment and replacement of worn-out parts are carried out in a routine mode without stopping the production.

The goods will be delivered on time.

Own tool shop develops and produces tools and stamps of any complexity.

The ability to quickly reconfigure the equipment for the production and expand the product range is guaranteed.

We accept individual orders up to the customer’s requirements.

The area of ​​powder paint is equipped with an automatic conveyor line. We offer painting of products on an industrial scale and the ability to select any color from the RAL palette. In addition to the equipment of own design, we also use the equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers:

  • tube benders with CNC (TM ADDISON);
  • sheet bending machines with CNC;
  • welding robotic platforms (TM FANUC);
  • equipment for laser cutting.

All this in combination with a team of professionals allows us to produce high-quality products and metal structures of increased complexity in a short time.