LLC ‘Ipris-Profil’ is a fast-moving closed cycle factory. It is increasing its production with every year. The factory processes more than 1,5 thousand tons of metal a month.

The ‘Ipris-profil’s production facilities are situated in the industrial area of Kharkiv. There are several specialized departments on the factory, such  as metal unreeling and machining process plot, shaping, stamping and perforating plot, welding area and powder painting plot which includes automatic and semi-automatic production lines. In addition, the company possesses its own storehouse for final goods storing and continuously complemented steel store.

Proper high-accuracy rolling equipment, which is getting improved according to the branch development and technological innovation every year, is widely used in industries. The usage of this kind of machinery provides the high quality and technological effectiveness of the company’s goods, filling of order speed and makes possible to lead a flexible pricing policy.