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Trading hall – is the main commercial premises, which houses the working and exhibition stock goods, made his selection and sale. Therefore, to produce the layout and construction of such facilities should be subject to the following requirements:

– Ensuring the optimal organization of workflows, the free movement on a trading hall of customers and employees,
– Creation of conditions for the mechanization of labor-intensive processes,
– Efficient use of floor space,
– Convenient for buyers accommodation moves and exits from the trading floor, ensuring maximum visibility of goods,
– Creation of conditions for economy and ease of sanitation and maintenance.

Business rooms come in different shapes. The most common are square and elongated shape. Recent considerably they complicate the layout, which is why there is a necessity of division into departments is not always convenient for the buyers.

When planning sales area plays a special role competent arrangement of the various zones of the room: space movement buying flows and the movement of goods, trade equipment, employment service staff, the estimated unit. Also important to correctly balance of trade equipment, control and cash unit.

The effectiveness of sales area is calculated as the coefficient of the mounting surfaces: Cu Sy / St.z in which Ku – the ratio of retail space, of Sy – mounting area of the store, m2, S ^ – sales area, m2.

A low ratio (less than 0.25) tells about the irrational use of retail space, the inadequate number of commercial equipment.

A high ratio (greater than 0.35) – evidence that commercial equipment in the room too much, it will interfere with the free movement of customers, constitutes a very narrow passage between the equipment.

Indicator efficient use of space varies depending on store size and orientation: the more common trading area, the share of the mounting area smaller.

In addition, you need to properly plan the placement of commercial equipment in the room. There are several types of its placement: Linear, The box, mixed and exhibit. Linear makes it easy to control the direction of movement of customer flows, provides a good overview of products for visitors, saving their time to search for the desired product.

When boxed layout of retail space is divided into sections (boxes). It is used in large supermarkets with a variety of food products, especially those that require fitting (shoes, clothing).

The exhibition layout is suitable shop where trading takes place on samples: sales of TVs, washing machines, fabrics, wallpaper, floor coverings. In such cases, the products show at the stands or exhibition stands.

Mixed layout combines several types of planning.

If the equipment trading halls of shops and supermarkets of different directions Trade metallic shelving are widely used. They considerably save space and give the opportunity to present the products to the buyer with the best hand.

The company “Ipris-profil” – one of the largest manufacturers of commercial equipment, specializing in the production of pallets and shelving, such as front, printed, combined shelving, storage and archival shelving racks and mezzanines. With its own production facilities, the company is engaged in the implementation of both mass and individual orders.

More about racking systems in the section “Commercial equipment: shelves.”

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