Advantages of rack systems: questions and answers

How storage equipment (shelving systems) influence the effectiveness of product placement in the warehouse, on the time savings, storage space and other resources?

Rack “Ipris-profil” of the system are calculated, designed, manufactured, taking into account a number of requirements for carrying capacity, ergonomics, safety and reliability.

The experience of employees, based on dozens of successful projects in Ukraine, allows us to offer customers innovative solutions, which saves time in loading and unloading operations, can effectively distribute loads and keep records. The “Ipris-profil” can offer its clients shelving, reaching 14 meters in height, it saves storage space.

Criteria for selection of storage equipment: on the basis of what criteria is to choose equipment for the warehouse where goods will be placed (in terms of article topics – placement optimization)?

The main criteria in the selection are:
– Type of cargo, its packaging, the mass range;
– Characteristics of the premises (in particular, construction elements that should be considered in the design), its height;
– Availability of equipment in stock. Selection rack largely depends on the technical characteristics of the loading equipment (for example, a bottleneck technique enables denser placement shelves, unlike the standard).

What are the latest trends in storage equipment? Non-standard, cost-effective solutions.

Largely currently defined capabilities of the selected equipment supplier (the manufacturer can to find new solutions for specific product groups, based on the wishes of the customer).

For example, “Ipris-profil” began producing paternosters for linoleum, carpet, artificial grass and other rolled materials. Number of rolls, which accommodates a paternoster, up to 26 rolls.

Alexander Butenko
Head of warehouse systems
LLC “Ipris-profile”

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