Types of grape columns and features of their application

Vine supports, which are mounted on the second or third year of life of the plant, can serve for many years, if they are selected in accordance with the climatic conditions, soil conditions and crop varieties.

It is best suited for grape trellis support: plant stalks them firmly strengthened, provided ventilation, lighting. Perform procedures on a grape leave, formed on the trellis, it’s easier than on other types of supports. Trellis supports the system make it easy to carry out trimming of the upper roots and loosening the soil, carefully cover the plant in winter.

necessary materials such as poles and wires to create a support trellis.

On a functional purpose columns for grapes are of two kinds: the end and intermediate. They vary in size (intermediate pillars is smaller in diameter) and the depth of the installation. If the material for the supports – the tree, the diameter at the base end poles must be 10-15 cm, intermediate – 10.7 cm deep buried 60 cm and 45 cm, respectively..

The height of columns above the soil under the vines varies between 2-2.5 m.

To extend the life of the ends of wooden poles with 70 cm burned in the fire to charring or coated with resin. In some cases lowered by 10-12 days in 5% solution of copper sulfate.

The pillars are arranged in a row with a 4-6 m interval. The first set end supports. After this, the cord stretched between the intermediate digged. To improve the stability of the pillars at a height of 1.5 m can fasten to each other strips. If conditions allow, the terminal posts are connected with a thick wire fence, shed or other building. It is also possible at a distance of 2-3 meters from the end of a series of stone embedded in the ground and seal it well taut wire with extreme peaks two poles.

The use of galvanized steel poles and anchor-in-one production “Ipris-profil” allows you to not use such methods. Anker-piece simply “screwed” into the ground before the pylon and is attached to it from the trellis wire end support. Due to this, the whole series is leveled.

For aluminum wire trellises unsuitable: it is very soft and easy to stretch. It is best to use 2-3 mm galvanized steel. The first row of a wire at a height of 30 cm from the ground, the others – in the 40-50 cm from the previous level.

Type of grape trellises depends on the forming bush. The most commonly used vertical mono- or biplanar trellis design and bowline. For the construction of the latest addition to pipes and fittings used wire, poles, wooden slats, corners, and other support materials. Pergolas are T-, P-, T-shaped and arched forms. They can be installed as stand-alone facilities, either as an annex. This form of tapestries is most often used when growing uncovered varieties. They make it possible to distribute the sleeves and the shoots on vertical, inclined and horizontal planes.

Monoplanar trellis is a series of columns with a tight wire between them. Poles for these tapestries installed vertically. The most common use of reinforced concrete poles or iron pipes with special hooks or rings for fastening wire. Production of grape bars in Ukraine engaged in the company “Ipris-profil.” It specializes in the manufacture of metal structures, intermediate and end supports and landscape grape anchor-in-one. Perhaps the performance of individual orders, purchase products at factory price.

Read more about the poster for the grapes here https://ipris-profil.com/vinogradnyie-oporyi/.

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