A new type of the paternoster for reels with cabling and wiring products was designed and put into operation.

In the terms of reference received from the client, the main requirement was to develop equipment that would allow any employee, regardless of gender or age, to release goods to a customer.

Limitations were caused by the weight of the coils, which is approximately 30kg, as only men of strong build could measure and cut the required length of cable.

As you can see in the photo below, the paternoster occupied one of the sections of rack, manufactured by Ipris-Profile, while holding 52 reels.

It was
It became

Paternoster specifications:

Width – 2700 mm;

Height – 4500 mm;

Number of shafts – 13 (4 places for coils with outer diameter 450 mm);

Number of coils – 52 pcs;

Drive – worm gearmotor 2,2 kW/380 V.

Each coil is provided with a stopper,  and a metal eye,  for securing the free edge of the cable.

The realised paternoster fully meets the customer’s requirements:

The Paternoster can be completed with plastic trays for metalware or other loose products (e.g. installation boxes for electrical sockets).

We also accept orders for the manufacture of paternosters for car tyres.


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