Production of steel tubes of square, rectangular, flat-oval section and round electro-welded pipes is one of the directions of work of the company Ipris-Profil in Ukraine.

You can buy from us the most popular sizes of pipes 40×20, 20×20, 60×40, 25×25, 30×30, 16 mm, 20 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 57 mm, 60 mm and others.

What is steel profile pipe?

A profiled tube is a steel tube with a complex geometric shape in cross section.

Profiles include: square, rectangular, triangular, flat-oval, etc.

Manufacturer of steel tubes in Ukraine – Ipris-Profil Company

Ipris-Profil manufactures tubular products mainly on a made-to-order basis. This is because the rolled steel products used have an unattractive appearance and increase the cost of the final product for the buyer due to the loss of processing time and additional efforts to combat corrosion.

Range of steel profile tubes

Pipe products are manufactured from cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel of steel grades such as 08 kp, 08 ps, 08 sp, 3 ps, 3 sp. Physical and technical properties of finished products depend on steel properties and yield strength. The range of tubes of various dimensions and wall thicknesses is shown in the table.

Production of steel pipes of square, rectangular, flat-oval section and round electro-welded tubes is one of the directions of work of Ipris-Profil company.

You can buy from us the most popular sizes of pipes 40×20, 20×20, 60×40, 25×25, 30×30, 16 mm, 20 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 57 mm, 60 mm and others.

Square profile tube, size mmWall thickness, mmRectangular profile pipe, size mmWall thickness, mm
1 5 х 15 C/R130 х 10 C/R1
15 х 15 C/R1,1530 х 10 C/R1,15
15 х 15 C/R1,230 х 10 C/R1,2
15 х 15 C/R1,430 х 10 C/R1,4
15 х 15 C/R1,4530 х 10 C/R1,45
15 х 15 C/R1,530 х 10 C/R1,5
20 х 20 C/R130 х 20 C/R1
20 х 20 C/R1,1530 х 20 C/R1,15
20 х 20 C/R1,230 х 20 C/R1,2
20 х 201,430 х 201,4
20 х 201,4530 х 201,45
20 х 201,530 х 201,5
20 х 201,730 х 201,7
20 х 201,830 х 201,8
22 х 22 C/R1,230 х 202
22 х 22 C/R1,440 х 20 C/R1,15
22 х 22 C/R1,4540 х 20 C/R1,2
22 х 221,540 х 201,4
22 х 221,740 х 201,45
22 х 221,840 х 201,5
25 х 25 C/R140 х 201,7
25 х 25 C/R1,1540 х 201,8
25 х 25 C/R1,240 х 201,9
25 х 251,440 х 202
25 х 251,4550 х 25 C/R1,2
25 х 251,550 х 25 C/R1,5
25 х 251,750 х 30 C/R1,15
25 х 251,850 х 30 C/R1,2
30 х 30 C/R1,1550 х 301,4
30 х 30 C/R1,250 х 301,45
30 х 301,450 х 301,5
30 х 301,4550 х 301,8
30 х 301,550 х 302
30 х 301,750 х 40 C/R1,2
30 х 301,850 х 40 C/R1,5
30 х 301,960 х 301,5
30 х 30260 х 301,8
40 х 40 C/R1,1560 х 302
40 х 40 C/R1,260 х 401,2
40 х 401,460 х 401,4
40 х 401,4560 х 401,5
40 х 401,560 х 401,8
40 х 401,860 х 402
40 х 402

*The range of round and flat-oval pipes can be found on the relevant pages of the website.

Production of profile pipes

Before pipe production can begin, the coiled steel must be cut into strips of the required width.

We produce:

The finished strips are wound into coils and placed in a tube bender, where the coils give the required shape.

Electro-welded pipe is produced in measured lengths, class I length accuracy, with a seam formed by welding a straight joint parallel to the axis.

Tube products are manufactured in our factory using ADDISON TM CNC tube bending machines.

Cost of profile tube in Ukraine

 The price of steel pipe depends on:

  •  the cost of rolled steel coils,
  •  metal thickness,
  •  grades of steel.

The price of rolled metal products is subject to changes in global trends and changes daily, so please check the current price with our managers.

Let’s note another component of the cost formation: does the company have its own lines for cutting metal into strips or does it cut metal from third parties?

Ipris-Profil works in a closed production cycle, so it offers steel pipes at one of the lowest prices in Ukraine. The price of round-rolled tubes also needs to be clarified by the managers.

Where to buy profile pipe?

It is always cheaper to buy profiled pipes from the manufacturer, whose price is more favourable for the customer. One such manufacturer in Kharkov is the Ipris-Profil plant, located in the city’s industrial district, which produces a wide range of rolled metal tubes.

How much profile steel pipe is in a bundle and in a tonne?

The tables below show the quantity of metal pipe in a bundle as well as the weight of the bundle.

Number of rectangular profile tubes in 1 pack

Rectangular tube size, mmWall thickness, mmQuantity in 1 pack, pcs.Weight of 1 pack, kg
30 x 10 C/R1182655
30 х 10 C/R1,15182750
30 х 10 C/R1,2182780
30 х 10 C/R1,4182905
30 х 10 C/R1,45182940
30 х 10 C/R1,5182970
30 х 20 C/R12211025
30 х 20 C/R1,152211170
30 х 20 C/R1,22211225
30 х 201,42211425
30 х 201,452211470
30 х 201,52211515
30 х 201,72211710
30 х 201,82211800
30 х 2022212000
40 х 20 C/R1,152001260
40 х 20 C/R1,22001315
40 х 201,42001530
40 х 201,452001580
40 х 201,52001635
40 х 201,72001840
40 х 201,82001950
40 х 201,92002055
40 х 2022002165
50 х 25 C/R1,2120
50 х 25 C/R1,5120
50 х 30 C/R1,151201020
50 х 30 C/R1,21201065
50 х 301,41201235
50 х 301,451201285
50 х 301,51201325
50 х 301,81201585
50 х 3021201760
50 х 40 C/R1,21201195
50 х 40 C/R1,51201490
60 х 301,578
60 х 301,8781155
60 х 302781285
60 х 401,278855
60 х 401,478990
60 х 401,5781065
60 х 401,8781270
60 х 402781410

Number of square profile pipes in 1 pack

Square tube size, mmWall thickness, mmQuantity in 1 pack, pcs.Weight of 1 pack, kg
15 х 15 C/R1357920
15 х 15 C/R1,153571050
15 х 15 C/R1,23571090
15 х 15 C/R1,43571260
15 х 15 C/R1,453571305
15 х 15 C/R1,53571350
20 х 20 C/R13571285
20 х 20 C/R1,153571475
20 х 20 C/R1,23571530
20 х 201,43571775
20 х 201,453571840
20 х 201,53571905
20 х 201,73572130
20 х 201,83572250
22 х 22 C/R1,22551185
22 х 22 C/R1,42551370
22 х 22 C/R1,452551420
22 х 221,52551470
22 на 221,72551650
22 х 221,82551745
25 х 25 C/R12551185
25 х 25 C/R1,152551335
25 х 25 C/R1,22551390
25 х 251,42551645
25 х 251,452551695
25 х 251,52551750
25 х 251,72551975
25 х 251,82552080
30 х 30 C/R1,151951227
30 х 30 C/R1,21951280
30 х 301,41951490
30 х 301,451951545
30 х 301,51951595
30 х 301,71951800
30 х 301,81951905
30 х 301,91952010
30 х 3021952115
40 х 40 C/R1,15110935
40 х 40 C/R1,2110975
40 х 401,41101135
40 х 401,451101175
40 х 401,51101215
40 х 401,81101455
40 х 4021101615

Get the price per 1 tonne

    Which pipe is stronger: round or square?

    Profile tubes (square, rectangular) are stronger than round tubes because they have stiffening ribs.

    The metal tube has a large contact area to support the load, unlike round tubes where the load rests on a single point.

    However, we have been able to turn this disadvantage of round tubes into an advantage by using them in the manufacture of racks for storing tyres and wheels.

    How to join profile pipes without welding?

    Welding of rolled metal tubing can be replaced by bolted connections.

    What kind of pipe do you need for a fence or shed?

    Pipe for metal fencing, fences and sheds is used differently. It all depends on what kind of fence will be: from corrugated steel, rabica mesh, only from pipes, wooden, with wrought iron elements, etc. Also the choice of pipe for the fence is influenced by the weight of one proposed section, and to what depth it will be necessary to dig it into the ground.

    The greatest demand is profile pipe 20×40, pipe 60×40, pipe 15×15, square pipe 20×20, 40×40.

    Also pipe 20×40 is in demand in the manufacture of sofa frames and metal furniture;

    To make the fence pipe last longer, take care to buy plugs. The plugs will keep moisture out and the pipe fence will last for many years.

    Application of steel electric-welded pipes

    Sectional tubes are used everywhere. Everyone has an ironing board made of square tubing in their home.

    Beautiful designer tables and offices are made with chrome-plated legs of 20×40 furniture tubing. They reflect the surrounding interior and give the impression of a light, floating structure.

    Metal beds made of profiled and round tubes have found their owners among people who appreciate minimalism in the interior and among allergy sufferers. After all, the surface of the furniture tube, coated with corrosion-resistant powder paint, is easy to wipe clean every day, unlike printed velour headboards.

    Outdoor café and restaurant terraces, umbrella structures, sports car decks, modular house structures and much more require the use of steel tubing in construction.

    Tubing is used to create strong frames for metal doors and garage doors, MAFs (commercial mobile pavilions) and formwork for construction.

    Thin-walled tubes make it possible to create lightweight, yet strong and durable structures.

    Packaging of thin-walled electric-welded pipes

    Ipris-Profil packs pipes in bundles of square or rectangular section. Wooden sticks are placed around the circumference of the bundle and the whole bundle is tied with a metal band.

    This method of packing prevents the bundle from breaking (electro-welded pipes do not move under the tape) and ensures full loading of vehicles.

    How is the sale of steel pipes from the factory in Kharkov?

    The buyer leaves an application: “buy profile pipes”, specifies the required volume and length.

    We produce thin-walled electric-welded pipes in measured lengths from 3.5 m to 7.8 m. You can buy a pipe of the required length cut in the mill line.

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