Ipris-Profil™ has been designing and manufacturing warehouse, retail and logistics solutions since 2003.

For over 20 years, Ipris-Profil™ has been manufacturing products for storage, sale and transport to the country’s largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The company has increased its output year on year and now processes over 2,000 tonnes of metal into products every month.

Established for over 20 years

120+ regular partners

10000+ projects

Year after year, we see the changes in the industry and set new trends and approaches to improve racking systems and order picking solutions. We maintain our commitment to providing the widest range of products to meet our customers’ needs and continue to design and manufacture bespoke solutions that fit perfectly with a particular company’s warehouse configuration and logistics model.

Today’s warehouse logistics require efficient storage and fast movement of goods. At Ipris-Profil, we understand the importance of optimising warehouse operations, ensuring the integrity and safety of goods and increasing the speed of order processing for online shop customers to ensure timely delivery.

In order to implement a comprehensive approach to equipping our customers’ warehouses and to meet the market demand, our product package includes

Founding of the company
“Ipris-Profil”. Design and manufacture of rolling mills.
Production area 3000 m2.
Start of profile rolling
Start of pallet racking production
Start of production of paternosters.
Production area 10000 m2
Launch of production of mesh containers.
Production area 22000 m2
First clad-rack warehouses.

Continuous partnership and repeat orders are the best proof of the high quality, reliability and ergonomics of our products.

The production process and technical characteristics of the products comply with DSTU standards. All the company’s products are certified according to international quality standards. The company also holds patents for its own developments. At present, the company’s products are presented at enterprises of various industries in more than 20 countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia.

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