Warehouse equipment, which produces at its factory in Kharkov company “Ipris-Profil” is:

We have been manufacturing warehouse equipment and tubes since 2003 and are experts in creating ready-made solutions and equipping warehouses. Therefore, if you are faced with the task of buying equipment for the warehouse, you can consult with our specialists in Kharkov.

Warehouse is a “living organism” and in order for it to function effectively and break-even, it is necessary to plan at the initial stage, what intra-warehouse operations and processes, in what sequence will occur; how the logistics chains will be built, and based on this to choose the necessary warehouse equipment.

Types of storage of goods in the warehouse

Depending on the characteristics of the cargo (shape, weight, dimensions, storage conditions, packaging) there are 4 basic types of storage of goods, each of which must ensure the safety and integrity of the tare, packaging; accessibility of selection and sorting, convenience of control of residues, effective use of storage space. These include:

Each type implies its own list of used storage equipment.

Types of warehouse equipment include:

    1. Shelving: these are the basic storage systems in a warehouse. They can be pallets, shelves and specialized for storing certain types of goods.

    1. Material handling equipment: includes forklifts, stackers, rollers, warehouse carts and other devices designed to move goods in the warehouse.

    1. Conveyors and roller systems: used to automate the movement of goods through the warehouse and facilitate order picking.

    1. Labeling and identification equipment: includes label printers, barcode scanners, radio frequency identification systems (RFID), and other devices to record and identify goods.

    1. Packaging equipment: used to package goods in film, boxes or containers to protect and facilitate transportation.

    1. Mezzanines and platforms: create additional space for storage and handling of goods on floors.

    1. Containers and receptacles: used to store and transport goods of various sizes and types, including pallets, palletized containers, crates and drums.

To accommodate cargo and finished goods in a storage area, we can offer universal shelving and specialized storage shelving.

The universal racks include pallet racks, which are used to store: palletized goods, barrels, mesh containers with soft-wrapped or unpackaged goods.

Specialized racks are chosen for storage of tires, long and oversized goods, cable reels, hoses, rolls of fabric, film, linoleum, similar goods in climatic warehouses and others.

For stacked storage we can offer frames or mesh containers with a permissible number of tiers – 4 pcs.

With the development of e-Commerce, businesses have a need for new storage equipment to speed up the processes of order picking and delivery to the end consumer. Such equipment is available both in standard version and is developed by our design department to meet the customer’s needs.

One of our recent developments is a display cart.

The warehouse operator fills the cart with the goods to be put on the shelves of the store, moves the cart to the sales area and makes the display, reaching the upper shelves by using the ladder provided in the design of the cart.

Such equipment is convenient to use, contributes to the timely replenishment of goods on the shelves, and at times of high demand for certain groups of goods, can serve as a showcase.

The organization of a finished goods warehouse can vary depending on its size, type of goods and company requirements. The cost of organizing a warehouse will also depend on various factors, including rent or purchase of warehouse space, purchase of equipment, staff remuneration, accounting and security systems and other factors.

The approximate cost of organizing a finished goods warehouse can vary widely and depends on the scale of the project. It can range from a few thousand dollars for a small warehouse with minimal equipment to millions of dollars for a large logistics center with automated systems. In addition, the cost of rent is influenced by which city in Ukraine you organize your warehouse.

Warehouse equipment is a wide range of tools and devices designed for efficient organization of storage, movement and accounting of goods and finished goods in the warehouse. It plays a key role in ensuring optimal storage conditions and logistics operations in the warehouse.

Practical tips for organizing storage in the warehouse:

In order to select the appropriate equipment and optimal warehouse configuration, it is necessary to determine: type of goods, volumes, storage and handling requirements.

Space planning. Optimize the use of available space in the warehouse by designing an efficient layout of shelving, traffic routes and zones for different operations.

Develop an identification and record-keeping system, utilizing barcodes to track and manage inventory and reduce time spent searching for and picking items.

Training employees on safety rules for using equipment.

Analyzing and optimizing processes, tracking warehouse performance metrics, analyzing data and implementing improvements to maximize productivity.

The equipment required to organize the storage of goods and finished goods in the warehouse will depend on the requirements and specifics of your business. However, in general, the main elements of equipment can be racks, handling equipment, conveyors, identification systems, packaging equipment and containers for storage and transportation of goods.

The cost of organizing a warehouse in Ukraine will depend on many factors, such as the size of the warehouse, the selected equipment, rent or purchase costs for the premises, the cost of installation and configuration of accounting and security systems, staff remuneration and other costs. Therefore, the exact cost calculation can be made only after a detailed analysis and business plan.

In conclusion, we note that the organization of the warehouse requires a comprehensive approach and analysis. Optimal warehouse configuration, correct choice of equipment, efficient processes of storage and accounting of goods – all these are important factors that will help to create an effective and break-even storage system in the warehouse.

Ipris-Profil Company in Kharkov has extensive experience and expertise in the field of warehouse equipment and pipes, and we are ready to help you select and supply the right equipment for your warehouse or develop customized products required for your project. Our specialists will always be happy to advise you and offer you optimal solutions, taking into account your requirements and budget.

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    Our history
    Continuous cycle of production
    Personalised approach
    Innovative technologies
    Over 20 years on the market
    Multi-stage quality control system
    Production on a tight schedule

    Ipris-Profil – largest developer and manufacturer of storage racks, stores Cash & Carry и DIY, paternosters, logistic transport containers and trolleys for order picking in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
    Our production capacities are located in Kharkiv on an area of more than 35,000 m².
    We develop and produce ourselves the equipment that is necessary for the production of products according to individual technical specifications. This is why clients, when choosing us, know that we are able to realize any of their ideas into metal and come back to us again for convenient, cost-effective warehouse and logistics solutions.
    Another significant advantage is that Ipris-Profil is one of two manufacturers in Kharkiv of thin-walled profile pipes.
    We sell electric-welded pipes to wholesale buyers and use them in our own products in the production of mesh and roll containers, commercial equipment, elements of stairs and mezzanine railings and platforms on columns, in paternosters, bracing and bracing systems of all types of racks that we manufacture in Kharkiv and these are:

    • storage racks;
    • pallet racks;
    • frontal shelving;
    • gravity racks;
    • push back;
    • drive-in;
    • cantilever racks;
    • shelving mezzanines;
    • mezzanines on columns;
    • warehouse shelving racks;
    • archival shelving;
    • shelving Cash & Carry and DIY;
    • prefabricated warehouses.

    The main competitive advantage that contributes to the achievement of the company’s strategic goals is a multi-stage product quality control system based on innovative technologies. This allows us to build long-term and productive relationships with clients. The company’s long-term development strategy is aimed at achieving leading positions in Ukraine, the CIS countries, Western Europe and the Middle East. It includes constantly improving our competence, focusing on strengthening corporate culture, introducing customer-oriented programs and increasing the social responsibility of business.
    We hope that our goals and principles will be close to your company, and we will be glad to see you among the partners, contractors or clients of the Ipris-Profil company.

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