Shelf racks SI-50

SI-50 metal shelving for medium and heavy loads is made to order by Ipris-Profil, taking into account the required load characteristics, height, shelf length, shelf material and surface coating.

Shelf racks provide clear visibility and accessibility of stored goods. This makes it easier for warehouse staff to monitor stock levels, carry out regular checks and locate goods quickly when fulfilling orders.

Prefabricated shelf racks provide versatile storage of various goods. Thanks to adjustable shelves, the shelving can be easily adapted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of goods. This adaptability is essential in warehouses with varying stock requirements and where the product range is subject to change. The ability to freely change the number of shelves and the distance between them ensures that the racking system can be customized to meet the unique needs of the warehouse.

The shelf spacing is 37,5 mm.

Whether the type of goods, the storage requirements or the overall layout of the warehouse has changed, the SI-50 collapsible racking can be relocated or expanded to suit the new conditions.

Which shelving units are classified as shelf racks?

Ipris-Profil can offer four types of metal shelf racks:

Each of these types of shelving is tailor-made to the customer’s requirements. Our managers will help you choose the type of shelving and other suitable solutions for storing specific categories of goods, taking into account the volume of the room.


Shelf rack heightmax 12000 mm
Section depth400…2000 mm
Shelf loadmax 1000 kg
Maximum section lengthmax 3600 mm

I would like to order shelving

    What is the order in which the racks should be loaded?

    It is recommended that heavier items are placed on the lower shelves. This will improve the stability of the shelves and reduce the risk of tipping. Spread the goods evenly across the shelves, respecting the manufacturer’s weight limits for each shelf rack.

    When should storage racks be fixed to the floor?

    Shelf racks for warehouses are designed for a considerable load capacity and must always be fixed to the floor for safety reasons.

    Metal shelving units are used in:

    • warehouses,
    • offices,
    • small shops;
    • for the arrangement of production areas.

    The design of these metal shelving systems allows goods to be organised rationally by category on different shelves, helping to maximise the use of space in the warehouse. This is important for increasing storage efficiency and reducing loss of usable storage space.

    Choosing shelving for optimal distribution and easy access increases the speed at which warehouse staff can find and retrieve the items they need, improving selection accuracy to meet customer demands and maintain a competitive edge.

    Тshelf racks also play an important role in the order picking process in distribution centres.

    Modern metal racking can be integrated with technology solutions such as automated inventory control and monitoring systems. The capabilities of these systems allow for more accurate forecasting of product demand, reducing the risk of shortages or surpluses and enabling more accurate strategic decision making. Operational information about inventory and goods movement is critical to successful warehouse management. This integration improves the overall efficiency of warehouse operations by seamlessly interfacing with conveyor systems, robotic pickers and other technologies.

    The introduction of innovative methods of labelling goods on shelf racks further simplifies the picking process and reduces the risk of errors.

    All of the above technologies applied to shelf racks to optimise order picking processes in distribution centres increases warehouse productivity.

    Powder coated or galvanised rolled metal shelving is strong and durable, making it a cost-effective investment for warehouses and promoting a return on investment over time.

    Ongoing savings can be made through reduced maintenance and replacement costs from an initial investment in quality shelving.

    Where can I buy shelf racks?

    You can order and buy shelving at a favourable price by making an enquiry on our website or by contacting us in any convenient way. We can meet all your requirements, whether you need reinforced or medium duty shelving or other storage systems, including combined systems.

    The factory for the production of warehouse racking systems is located in Ukraine.

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      Ipris-Profil – largest developer and manufacturer of storage racks, stores Cash & Carry и DIY, paternosters, logistic transport containers and trolleys for order picking in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
      Our production capacities are located in Kharkiv on an area of more than 35,000 m².
      We develop and produce ourselves the equipment that is necessary for the production of products according to individual technical specifications. This is why clients, when choosing us, know that we are able to realize any of their ideas into metal and come back to us again for convenient, cost-effective warehouse and logistics solutions.
      Another significant advantage is that Ipris-Profil is one of two manufacturers in Kharkiv of thin-walled profile pipes.
      We sell electric-welded pipes to wholesale buyers and use them in our own products in the production of mesh and roll containers, commercial equipment, elements of stairs and mezzanine railings and platforms on columns, in paternosters, bracing and bracing systems of all types of racks that we manufacture in Kharkiv and these are:

      • storage racks;
      • pallet racks;
      • frontal shelving;
      • gravity racks;
      • push back;
      • drive-in;
      • cantilever racks;
      • shelving mezzanines;
      • mezzanines on columns;
      • warehouse shelving racks;
      • archival shelving;
      • shelving Cash & Carry and DIY;
      • prefabricated warehouses.

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