Racks and displays for DIY, Cash&Carry and automotive markets

For DIY and Cash & Carry markets that run retail and wholesale on the same concept, we can introduce retail and warehouse racking systems with a unique range of accessories.

Opening a Cash & Carry and DIY store is more than just buying retail equipment.

The task is actually much more complex than it seems, because you need to anticipate the direction of movement of most customers and arrange product groups in an intuitive and predictable sequence, using shelving and retail equipment in different configurations.


You need a partner who listens to your needs and can offer the widest possible selection of hardware racks, stands, exhibitors and other accommodation accessories:

  • power tools,
  • carpets,
  • floor coverings,
  • plumbing fixtures,
  • shower cabins;
  • heating radiators;
  • cables,
  • hardware,
  • shovels,
  • drill bits,
  • cans of paint,
  • dry mixes,
  • drywall,
  • interior decorations,
  • indoor plants, etc.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at Ipris-Profile for over 20 years: designing, manufacturing, modernising, combining and integrating new elements into storage racks to make your life easier.

We’re constantly developing new products and smart solutions to meet your display and storage needs, because we want you to sell more.

Trade equipment for construction stores (DIY trade racks) are specially designed for retail outlets selling home and repair goods, DIY stores. The basis for the design of this type of structures  are our pallet racks with the ability to take the load per section up to 24000 kg, and the load per level up to 6000 kg . This allows to safely place from 2 to 4 pallets in one section of the tier and to handle loads with loading and unloading equipment.

You may have seen how the retail shelves are restocked in a cash and carry or DIY store.
A forklift truck picks up a pallet of goods from the top shelf, and workers dismantle the pallet and place the goods on the shelves. This is a non-stop operation throughout the working day.

Ipris-Profile manufactures Cash & Carry and DIY shelving for large chains and for convenience stores. Our hardware store and auto store shelving is reliable, durable and hard-wearing.

To accommodate different groups of goods on the racks from the hardware store, we have developed an extensive range of accessories that adapt pallet-shelf racks for retail and small wholesale trade in non-food products, namely:

  • displays;
  • stands;
  • sales stands with hooks
  • rails;
  • shelves;
  • panels;
  • holders;
  • boxes;
  • accessories;
  • brackets;
  • stands;
  • hinges;
  • frames;
  • mounting systems;
  • exhibitors;
  • price holders;
  • retainers;
  • dividers;
  • expo frame;
  • caskets;
  • hooks;
  • racks;
  • storage units;
  • racks;
  • baskets.

Our design and technology department has developed more than 150 units of different accessories for all types of products, so we can equip your commercial space with the most technologically advanced and convenient shelving for wholesale and retail.

The variety of solutions allows us to offer different options to meet your most demanding requirements.

Depending on your specification, the price of the shop shelving will vary.

This meticulous approach to planning the convenient placement of products from different product groups helps us to design optimised builders’ merchandising so you can make efficient use of bulky retail space. It also increases sales by displaying your builders’ merchant’s full range in a way that shows customers what’s available and increases the likelihood of related purchases.

The basics are:

But our assortment is much wider.




Our retail shelving units are designed to increase sales and promote products in order to provide the consumer with as much information about the products as possible, improve their attitude towards them, thus contributing to an increase in the average check. It should also be noted that by ordering directly from the manufacturer, you can order additional accessories at any time, and since all our products are unified, you can quickly change the purpose of a section or row and place other goods there.

Ipris-Profile is the only company in Ukraine, which, in addition to heavy racks for construction materials, produces carousel systems for demonstration, measuring and cutting of linoleum and carpeting, mezzanines for chandeliers and warehouse carts.

Our competence is complex equipping of retail premises with all necessary equipment;

Cargo carts that a customer can take if they plan to purchase doors, drywall, plastic pipes, baseboards, and other oversized items to move from the display case to the checkout area of the store are called drywall carts BC.17.

CCW.01 platform carts are used for moving bags, tiles, laminate and other heavy loads.

Modern DIY stores, where we install wholesale and retail shelving, are built with high ceilings for the installation of shelving systems with storage space in the sales area. Such a complex combined system of storage and display saves a lot of time when it comes to replenishing the shelves with products. One section of the rack is dedicated to one group of goods, and pallets with “stock” of this product are installed on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and more tiers of the same section. This simplifies the work of employees and eliminates confusion and re-sorting. We can manufacture racking systems up to a maximum height of 14 metres.

Leave your phone number and email to order commercial hardware store shelving and we will contact you

    Commercial equipment for a hardware store allows you to display and provide easy access to a wide variety of products for construction, renovation and interior design. DIY racks combine an arm’s length display area with a storage area on the upper tiers.

    There are variations where the zero level is also used to store goods on pallets. Often you can see this option on rows with heavy tile, but you probably won’t notice it because we offer 2 solutions to hide the pallets and showcase more product:

    • sliding systems;
    • attachable modules.

    Integrated shelving systems for Cash & Carry, building or hardware stores provide regular display and easy access to various products, goods, building materials, hand tools, paints, electrical and lighting products, garden and hobby products, etc.


    For the placement of power tools on racks for wholesale and retail, we can offer various options of specially designed modules designed for the professional and safe display of power tools and accessories.


    Construction hypermarkets realize the display of automotive-themed goods in the format shown in the photo above.

    For a car parts store we can offer different types of racks and their combined versions.

    Most often for vehicle parts store our customers order mezzanines in combination:

    • tire racks, 
    • cantilever racks for storing large parts (e.g. bumpers, doors);
    • shelf racks for the storage of piece products on the second tier;
    • various separators and dividers for sorting and easy search of goods.

    If your car parts store is located in a building with high ceilings, we can offer a mezzanine up to 14 meters high with 5 storage levels. These racking systems are powder painted in any color of the RAL catalog and have a long-lasting presentable appearance.

    For small stores for car spare parts we can offer the racking system of SI-50 series (up to 4000 kg per section) or SI-30 series (with accepted load up to 1000 kg per section);

    The special feature of the SI -30 system are set racks, thanks to which you can repeat the complex geometry of the room (for example, “bypass” the columns) without losing a centimeter of usable space. The shelves are freely adjustable in height with a step of 50 mm to meet the changing requirements for product placement on the display case.  A wide selection (16 sizes) of solid metal shelves will provide your store for vehicle parts storage of goods with different dimensions and weight.

    To buy Cash&Carry and DIY racks in Ukraine at a favorable price from the factory in Kharkov, please contact the experts of Ipris-Profile. After all, our products have passed the test of time for 20+ years.


    It may seem surprising that we draw your attention to shovel racks separately, but due to the risk of injury, customers want to be sure that neither employees nor customers will be accidentally injured and that we can offer a convenient, space-saving and safe solution for the simultaneous placement of a large number of shovels in the store floor;

    We also want to show you our axe placement accessories right away.

    Cash & Carry and DIY stores need an efficient racking system for wholesale and retail sales, storage and display of goods as they have a wide range of products that need to be constantly shelved. Integrated shelving  zoned into construction store customer shelving and a warehouse area allows for quick replenishment of shelf stock by unloading pallets from the upper “warehouse” tiers.


    Because different clients and projects have different requirements for product size and specifications, we typically need to know the following information to quickly calculate the cost:

    1. the selling area of your store (it is better to provide a floor plan);
    2. the racks you need for display, their load capacity and height. Do you need freestanding displays, for which products?
    3. requirements for coating of commercial equipment: RAL color or galvanized surface.

    Based on this data, managers will be able to form a price for hardware racks.

    If you are unsure of the above information, let us know your storage and display needs and our sales staff will provide you with a professional solution.


    Ipris-Profile factory is located in Ukraine.


    Yes. We are always customer-oriented and develop products for individual and specific tasks. Due to the fact that our design and technology department will need time to prepare the technical project, implementation of the new product in production, the delivery time of construction shelving will be increased;

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      Our history
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      Personalised approach
      Innovative technologies
      Over 20 years on the market
      Multi-stage quality control system
      Production on a tight schedule

      Ipris-Profil – largest developer and manufacturer of storage racks, stores Cash & Carry и DIY, paternosters, logistic transport containers and trolleys for order picking in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
      Our production capacities are located in Kharkiv on an area of more than 35,000 m².
      We develop and produce ourselves the equipment that is necessary for the production of products according to individual technical specifications. This is why clients, when choosing us, know that we are able to realize any of their ideas into metal and come back to us again for convenient, cost-effective warehouse and logistics solutions.
      Another significant advantage is that Ipris-Profil is one of two manufacturers in Kharkiv of thin-walled profile pipes.
      We sell electric-welded pipes to wholesale buyers and use them in our own products in the production of mesh and roll containers, commercial equipment, elements of stairs and mezzanine railings and platforms on columns, in paternosters, bracing and bracing systems of all types of racks that we manufacture in Kharkiv and these are:

      • storage racks;
      • pallet racks;
      • frontal shelving;
      • gravity racks;
      • push back;
      • drive-in;
      • cantilever racks;
      • shelving mezzanines;
      • mezzanines on columns;
      • warehouse shelving racks;
      • archival shelving;
      • shelving Cash & Carry and DIY;
      • prefabricated warehouses.

      The main competitive advantage that contributes to the achievement of the company’s strategic goals is a multi-stage product quality control system based on innovative technologies. This allows us to build long-term and productive relationships with clients. The company’s long-term development strategy is aimed at achieving leading positions in Ukraine, the CIS countries, Western Europe and the Middle East. It includes constantly improving our competence, focusing on strengthening corporate culture, introducing customer-oriented programs and increasing the social responsibility of business.
      We hope that our goals and principles will be close to your company, and we will be glad to see you among the partners, contractors or clients of the Ipris-Profil company.

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