Rug stands

In today’s retail environment where visual marketing plays a key role, rug stands provide a unique opportunity to create a memorable experience for shoppers. By showcasing rugs in a stylish and functional environment, rug retail equipment not only attracts attention, but also contributes to a better product perception, making the shopping experience more emotional and memorable.

We present you vertical and horizontal expositors for demonstration and sale of rugs of any size. Own production in Ukraine.

This model can be supplied with a mesh module for storing inventory in rolls.

Ispahan rug stand

Rug size and quantityWidth, mmDepth, mmHeight, mm
Rug 1,7×2,4 m = 40 pcs.2130 2090 3480
Rug 1,7х2,4 м = 50 шт2602 2090 3480
Rug 2х3 м = 40 шт2130 2590 4080
Rug 2х3 м = 50 шт2602 2590 4080
Rug 2,5х3,5 м = 20 шт1147 3090 4080
Rug 2,5х3,5 м = 40 шт2130 3090 4080
Rug 2,5х3,5 м = 50 шт2602 3090 4080
Rug 1,4х2м = 40 шт2130 1790 2880
Rug 1,4х2 м = 50 шт2602 1790 2880
Rug 1,7х2,4 м = 40 шт2130 2090 3000
Rug 1,7х2,4 м = 50 шт2602 2090 3000

Sliding rug stand for 3 modules

Rug sizes, mQuantity, pcsDimensions
DxWxH (mm)
3 х 2226310 х 810 х 3404SD-1
2,4 х 1,7225420 х 2695 х 2400SD-2
This rug stand model provides for the display of 2 samples on the front.

Rug stand sliding for 2 modules

Rug sizes, mQuantity, pcsDimensions
DxWxH (mm)
3 х 2214240 х 1535 х 3255SD-3
This carpet stand consists of 1 display area and 1 storage area. 1 rug can be placed on the front.

BOOK” rug rack

Rug sizes, mQuantity, pcsDimensions
DxWxH (mm)
1 х 1,61042144 х 500 х 1780SD-4
The carpet is fastened to both sides of the guide rails using the clips.

Rug table horizontal

Rug sizes, mDimensions DxWxH (mm)Model
3,5 х 2,53500 х 2500 х 700SD-5
3 х 23000 х 2000 х 700SD-6
2,7 х 1,42700 х 1400 х 700SD-7
2 х 1,42000 х 1400 х 700SD-8
The rugs are laid out on the table one on top of the other in several layers.

Stand for vertical demonstration of rugs

Dimensions DxWxH (mm)Model
930 х 630 х 900SD-9
Such stands are designed for vertical display of carpet, rugs and rubber mats in rolls.

Pull-out carpet display unit

The carpets are placed on clamps and attached to the beam with guides on rollers.

To inspect the carpet, pull the carpet and pull it out of the storage area. After inspection, release the carpet and it will spontaneously return to its original position.

With a mesh inventory module, the exhibitor is designed to fit 1.2 x 1.7 m carpets.

Without the stock module, the size of carpets that can be placed on the stand: 1.7×2.4 m

Vertical rack for carpets and walkways

Length, mmWidth, mmHeight, mmmax. carpet width, mm

The rack is designed to accommodate a maximum number of carpets, runners, bedside mats and custom sized entrance mats when unfolded.


    If you have decided to equip your store with modern and ergonomic expositors and racks, you should see the whole range of products that we produce at our factory in Kharkov, in Trade equipment for DIY.

    Ispahan carpet stand

    The Ispahan Carpet Expositor is designed for vertical display of carpets.

    The structure of the expositor consists of two support frames, a lower lintel, a base and cantilevered guides (pages). Carpets are hung on both sides of the rails using clamps.

    Sliding carpet stand for 3 modules

    The rug display unit is a pre-fabricated metal structure for the vertical display of carpets. There are three modules: one for display and two for storage.

    Each rug is hung by its short side using a continuous clamp on rollers to prevent uneven hanging, and is moved on the guides in the plane of the stand.

    The design of the display allows for the installation of directional lights in the upper section to provide the required level of illumination of the display area.

    The dimensions of the display can be adjusted to suit the customer’s requirements.

    The metal frame of the carpet expositor can be completely concealed by laminated MDF or chipboard panels.

    The carpet display of this model shows the pattern, texture, thickness and density of the weave.

    Carpets are divided into pile and non-pile. Each group is divided into sub-groups according to the way the backing is woven, and tufted carpets are divided according to the number of knots per square decimetre. These groups can be subdivided into different modules according to characteristics or country of manufacture.

    Sliding carpet stand for 2 modules

    At the customer’s request, it is possible to make the stand for other sizes of carpets.

    Similar to the previous model of the stand, the design provides for the installation of directional lights and the frame can be completely hidden by panels of laminated MDF or chipboard.

    Carpet rack “BOOK”

    The “Book” rack is designed for vertical demonstration of carpets with the size of 1.0 m x 1.6 m.

    The construction of the rack consists of two support frames, a lower lintel, a base and cantilever guides (pages). The carpet is hung on both sides of the rails using clamps.

    The guides are equipped with elements that do not allow removal of the carpet from the clamps, to prevent accidental or deliberate removal of the curtain elements from the sales area.

    Rug table horizontal

    The simplest design for horizontal display of carpets, sizes 2 x 1.4 m; 2.7 x 1.4 m; 3 x 2 m; 3.5 x 2.5 m

    The stand structure is prefabricated, consisting of a grid deck and support frames.

    Mesh carpet stand does not block the space and allows the buyer to see the maximum number of goods of different sizes. Most often such tables are used in combination with modular expositors installed near the walls.

    Carpet vertical display stand

    The construction of the stand is welded. Convenience for the buyer is that he can take his favorite carpet rolled up in a roll, put it on a cart for construction stores and go to the cashier’s area.

    To manufacture our products we use welded pipe of our own production, so the cost of finished products is always more attractive for our customers.

    To coordinate with the manager the details of development of trade equipment according to your TOR or to buy stands of standard configuration you can make an application on the site or contact the sales department by phone: + 38 (098) 188-90-52.

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