Tyre rack

Racks for the storage and sale of car tyres are equipped with round tube beams to prevent deformation of the tyre surface. There are 2 types of racks, differing in depth and number of beams per level, for storing tyres in one or two rows.

Racks are manufactured to individual dimensions: with beam lengths from 1000 mm to 3000 mm; depth from 400 mm to 1600 mm.

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The single row rack can be conveniently used for storing tyres of different sizes. In this case, it is only necessary to move the crossbeams to adjust the height between the tiers.

Single row shelving unit
Single row tyre storage rack
Double row tyre rack

Double row racks with a height of 3700 mm are designed for 5 tiers with a tyre diameter of 700 mm.

In this rack it is possible to rearrange the internal crossbeams for storing small diameter wheels 3 pcs. deep or 1 wheel of large diameter.

We can also offer convenient mobile solutions for transporting and storing car tires. These are:

Such structures are used for stacked storage one on top of the other and have metal grips for loading equipment.

The side walls of the tire pallet fold down and when not in use, this tire storage structure takes up minimal space.

Pallet stillages have a modular design with removable vertical posts.

*To store tyres, we can offer another vertical storage solution with an automatic feeding system – the paternoster.

Order a tyre racks

    Modular tire rack

    Our racks for tires are made on the basis of warehouse shelf racks SI-50, but are completed not with classical crossbeams, but with pipe crossbeams.

    This crossbar has no sharp corners and will not deform tires during storage.

    The advantage of our tire racks is their modularity and interchangeability. This means that you can use part of the tire rack for shelves or consoles, because the crossbars are not welded rigidly to the rack, but are mounted on hooks. Therefore, you can change the purpose of such a structure at any time.

    The photo in the gallery shows a variant with consoles to accommodate large vehicle parts. Therefore, one of our racks can replace several expensive models from different suppliers.

    In addition, if you need to accommodate an additional section of tire racking, you can order frames and crossbars and extend the length of your existing storage system.

    For large auto parts distributors, we offer customization mezzanine rack and integrate a tire rack into it.

    Price of tire racks

    Ipris-Profil is not only a manufacturer of racks for tire storage, but we also produce tubes for wholesalers and for the needs of our own production, so there are no additional costs for buying tubes from third-party enterprises.

    Our production is equipped with two automatic powder coating lines and we coat tire racks in any RAL color the customer chooses.

    To buy a rack for tires, it is enough to leave an application on our website or contact our managers in Ukraine.

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