Parcel & Warehouse transport cages

Shipping containers are a versatile storage, logistics and distribution solution that can be used in any industry, including warehouses, automotive, shops, supermarkets, mail order and medical facilities, retailers and distribution centres.

Manufacturer of warehouse equipment: Ipris-Profil Ltd, Ukraine.


Warehouse (or parcel) cages featured on this page have both wheels and grips for safe forklift operation.

Overall dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 2200 mm
Load capacity up to 600 kg
Shelf load up to 100 kg
Wire-mesh: 100 x 100 mm
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Coating: Polymer powder coating
Overall dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 1920 mm
Load capacity up to 500 kg
Shelf load up to 200 kg
Wire-mesh: 50 x 50 mm
Wheel diameter: 125 mm
Coating: Polymer powder coating
Overall dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 2200 mm
Load capacity up to 600 kg
Shelf load up to 100 kg
Number of shelves: 2
Wire-mesh 100 x 100 mm
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Coating: Polymer powder coating
Overall dimensions: 1250 x 750 x 1650 mm
Load capacity up to 600 kg
Shelf load up to 150 kg
Number of shelves: 1
Wire-mesh: 50 x 50 mm
Wheel diameter: 200 mm
Coating: Polymer powder coating

Warehouse and parcel cages for logistics transport, distribution and postal parcels, which are manufactured at the Ipris-Profil plant in Ukraine , are available in various modifications.

Heavy duty distribution trolley KM.06

The KM.06 heavy-duty distribution trolley is designed and manufactured according to the customer’s individual technical requirements and differs from all similar trolleys in the design of the shelf, which consists of two independent parts. This solution has significantly increased the comfort of loading and unloading containers, which has a positive effect on the company’s efficiency.

One of the requirements for the new design was the need to protect the inventory during internal and external movement. To this end, we have fitted the container with a locking mechanism that can be padlocked if necessary.

Parcel cage KM.15

The KM.15 parcel cage features a lifting shelf that can be raised and locked when bulky goods need to be transported, or lowered to divide the space of the roll cage and preserve the integrity of fragile goods and their packaging. The base and shelf are made of solid sheet metal which will not leave dents in the carton packaging.

Access to the load on the lower and upper tiers is separate. For this purpose, double doors are used, which can be supplemented with a padlock for increased cargo security. The lid of the cage is made of mesh.

Parcel cages can be used in warehouses, sorting centres, post offices and commercial premises to improve operational efficiency and reduce losses.

Powder coated to protect the product from scratches and scuffs, the parcel cages are suitable for intensive use.

Heavy duty distribution trolley КМ.18

The KM.18 heavy-duty distribution trolley is a modification of the KM.06 container. This model has the same overall dimensions, but differs in the presence of two shelves made up of two independent parts and a base made of solid sheet metal.

This design increases the versatility of the distribution trolley and enables simultaneous loading of very large and heavy loads, which are easier to load/unload due to sliding on the one-piece base and shelves on which fragile goods are placed.

Warehouse transport cages

The warehouse cage is distinguished from other types of containers by the presence of a centre brake.

During the development of the warehouse transport cage for the customer, we realised the mandatory conditions:

  • the overall dimensions of the product are designed to allow vehicles to load to capacity;
  • increased manoeuvrability (provided by 4 swivel wheels);
  • the warehouse cage must be sealed when handed over to the recipient;
  • it is necessary to secure the position of the cage (realised by adding a central brake).

Our first priority is to ensure that our customers find the most suitable product for their needs. If you would like to purchase bespoke shipping containers, please call one of our team:


We produce warehouse and parcel roll cages from our own tubes, so the price for our products is the most attractive, and the variety of roll containers allows you to find a solution for any area of business.

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