Ipris-Profil has been manufacturing racking systems since 2003. We can offer both freestanding cantilever racking designs for different types of goods and different loads, as well as integrated into other racking systems.

Cantilever racking is a prefabricated and collapsible storage system consisting of vertical racks, support brackets and a strut system. Cantilever racking is designed for the storage of tubes, sheets, profiles, laths, long products, rolled metal, coils, chipboard, bumpers, furniture and other large materials.



This pipe racking option allows:

  • separate pipes by diameter;
  • by material of manufacture;
  • by purpose, etc.

You can see all accessory options in the Separators section.

The design of the rack allows for height adjustment of the consoles in 140 mm increments to accommodate different heights, lengths, weights and volumes of loads at different levels. On the base and consoles we can offer the installation of stops to prevent the load from rolling away.

The absence of width-limited sections allows products to be loaded along the entire length of the cantilever rack, without being limited to rack-to-rack dimensions as in designs that have other racking systems.

Consoles of different depths can be mounted on a single rack to accommodate loads of different dimensions on separately allocated tiers.

The console dimensions can be manufactured in lengths of 650…1250 mm, but they may not extend beyond the base. The length of the bracket should be understood as the maximum dimension of the load to be placed on the bracket.

When determining the number of cantilevers per rack, the total maximum permissible load on each side of one rack post should be taken into account. The table of loads for cantilever racks is shown below.

Cantilever racking allows you to:

  • store long goods, goods in containers and on pallets;
  • quick and easy access to each type of cargo without disrupting the storage system;
  • it is easy to vary the height of the storage tiers;
  • sort cargo by type, length, weight, etc.,   carry out rapid cargo handling;
  • have a visual indication of the presence and quantity of cargo;
  • to use as pipe racks.

Advantages of cantilever racking

  • Organisation convenience. Cantilever racks provide convenience in sorting and organised storage of loads of various non-standard sizes, taking into account length, weight and other parameters.
  • Easy assembly. Assembly of the rack does not require special skills or the use of specialised tools. In addition, the construction has a high load-bearing capacity.
  • No restrictions on the length of stored objects provides flexibility in the placement of goods.
  • Reliable and long service life. Metal frame with polymer powder coating provides reliability and long service life, preventing metal oxidation and corrosion.
  • Optimising the use of space. Cantilever racking helps to optimise the efficient use of storage space.
  • Flexible operation. Possibility to use single or double-sided racks for storage of goods in the open area in the presence of a protective canopy.
  • Adjustable storage height. The storage height can be easily adjusted to suit the goods being stored.
  • Affordable prices. Cantilever racking is offered at affordable prices, allowing you to create storage space efficiently and within your budget.

Characteristics of cantilever racks

The cantilever rack is a prefabricated and demountable structure consisting of individual units and parts assembled in a single line of any length. We can produce both single-sided and double-sided cantilever racks with rack heights from 1600 mm to 6000 mm.

Special consoles attached to the vertical posts serve as a support for storing goods. This system is functional for placing and storing large-sized goods. The load capacity of the console is 250…1600 kg.

For double-sided pipe racks, the dimensions of the solid base vary in the range 1700…3000 mm.

For single-sided racks, the base dimensions vary in the range 1100…1750 mm.

The cantilevers are mounted on one side on single-sided, respectively on two sides on double-sided cantilever racks.

Total maximum permissible load on each side of one cantilever rack rack post

Rack height, mmSAIN.539.00.000 (0.25 tonnes), kgSAIN.538.00.000 (0.5 tonnes), kgSAIN.528.00.000 (1t), kg

Below are the maximum allowable loads on the cantilever rack console 1t SAIN.528.00.000 not more than 1000 kg.

To get loads on the cantilever of 250 kg or 500 kg, please contact our managers.

The total maximum permissible load on each side of one rack post:

  • 3000 mm high – not more than 3000 kg.
  • height 3500 mm – not more than 3500 kg.
  • 4000 mm high – not more than 4000 kg.
  • height 4500 mm – not more than 4500 kg.
  • 5000 mm high – not more than 5000 kg.
  • height 5500 mm – not more than 5500 kg.
  • 6000 mm high – not more than 6000 kg.

The load must be positioned on at least two consoles, the load may extend a maximum of 550 mm beyond the consoles along the length of the rack. The load must be placed evenly along the length of the bracket, strictly in the centre of the bracket and the base, and must not extend beyond the horizontal brackets.

Cantilever racks with shelves

The base and console can be fitted with transition bridges that act as shelves for smaller loads.

These shelves can accommodate:


Order cantilever racks

    During installation, the cantilever rack must be securely fixed with the anchors included in the set, and the construction elements must be connected and secured against disconnection in accordance with the assembly and installation instructions.

    The cantilever racks differ from other types of storage equipment by the presence of only one single row of racks.

    Cantilever racks can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the weather resistant polyester powder coating.

    Cantilever storage systems are characterised by increased strength and rigidity, which ensures high reliability under high loads. The design of the racking is individually calculated for each project, which guarantees a high degree of safety during their operation. The safety factor is 1.6.

    Double-sided cantilever racks and single-sided structures are successfully used in various spheres, such as construction retail chains, car service stations, wholesale bases and others. Their versatility and affordable price make these structures in demand for storage and subsequent sale of a wide variety of goods. The construction does not hinder the movement of forklifts and other warehouse equipment.

    We offer you to buy cantilever racks of high quality with reliable fasteners and resistance to mechanical influences at a favourable price.

    We are a manufacturer of storage racks, so we can guarantee the highest quality, reliability and durability of cantilever racks, as well as affordable price.

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