The vertical carpet roll storage carousel is an automated elevator (carousel) type rack designed to store, display, measure, cut and sell material without removing the roll from the unit.

Most often on the carousel-type stands in trade, production facilities and distribution centers are placed:

  • linoleum;
  • carpeting;
  • stretch ceiling film;
  • film for furniture facades; 
  • artificial leather;
  • car tires.


однорядный патерностер

Carpet roll paternoster single row, depending on the height, can hold 13-30 pcs of rolls with a diameter of 400 mm or 19-20 with a diameter of 600 mm

патерностер SLUDOK M2

Carousel for storing rolls of carpet, multi-row “SLADOCK” M2 capable of holding 45 rolls with a diameter of 400 mm or 30 rolls with a diameter of 600 mm.


Paternoster for rolls of carpet “SLADOCK” M3 capable of storing 67 rolls with a diameter of 400 mm or 44 rolls with a diameter of 600 mm.


Wire carousel. Depth 700 mm. Can be installed in a section of a commercial shelving unit with a depth of 800 mm or more. Capacity 52 reels


Carousel for 155/80 R13 tires holds 31 pcs, 235/45 R17 – 21 pcs

*Shaft repositioning step for all types of paternoster is 100 mm.


Working principle of linoleum and carpet sales equipment

A simple push-button automated carousel control system is designed to feed the selected bale to the consumer.

The control unit is based on a Delta 7″ touch panel and a built-in programmable controller. The system is controlled by the operator using push buttons and a status display panel, as well as inputting data to allocate the required item to each type of flooring.

By turning the key in the control unit, the electrical equipment of the carpet and vinyl paternoster structure is connected to the 380V mains. Further control is done by push buttons. When the start button is pressed, the electric motor activates the side chains that move the rollers in the desired direction.

Individually cast aluminum “stars” with the logo and the name of the official site of the factory Ipris-Profil in the design of paternoster confirm the authenticity of the product and protect the buyer from falsification and counterfeiting.

Delivery of the equipment to the customer’s site is made in disassembled form anywhere in Ukraine.



To date, we have developed and manufactured 24 different sizes of single row vertical carousel storage system for all standard rolls with the widths shown in Table 1.

In the front part of the elevator type rack there is a plate for roll samples. It is a structure with sample fastening elements, which is mounted on the front of the paternoster and serves as protection.

This tablet can be left empty. Then all rolls on the “front” side will be visible to the customer.

For the rear of the carpet and vinyl paternoster, there is a rear safety screen, a structure that mounts to the rear of the paternoster and serves as a protective screen.

Table 1. Dependence of single row roll storage width on the width of the roll material

Roll width, mmRoll storage width, mmRoll storage depth, mm

Table 2. Dependence of the number of loading axes on the height of single-row roll storage and bale diameter.

Conditional height
roll storage height, mm
Number of transport rolls at bale diameterRoll storage height, mm 
by roll diameter
400 mm
by roll diameter
600 mm
300 mm400 mm500 mm600 mm
H 3000181310929733073
H 310018141 1930733173
H 33002015121032733373
H 35002116121034733573
H 36002216131 135733673
H 37002217131 136733773
H 39002418141238733973
H 41002519151240734173
H 42002619151341734273
H 43002620161342734373
H 45002821161444734573
H 47002922171446734773
H 48003022181547734873
H 49003023181548734973
H 50003123181549735073
H 51003224191650735173
H 53003325201652735373
H 54003425201753735473
H 55003426201754735573
H 57003627211856735773
H 59003728221858735973
H 60003828221959736073
H 61003829231960736173
H 66004030242062736373

If, among the presented models, you can not find the one that will best solve the tasks, we will develop and launch in production a new model of automated carousel type racking.


The SLADOCK M2 carpet and vinyl paternoster is designed for more compact storage of a large number of rolls. This elevator-type rack can be customized for rolls of standard widths: 2m; 2.5m; 3m; 3.5m; 3.5m; 4m.

For example, a single-row carousel for carpet rolls with a similar height holds 24 rolls of linoleum, 400 mm in diameter, and “SLADOCK” M2 – 45 rolls. This design of the linoleum stand is in demand in production shops and distribution centers due to its small size but large capacity. At the same time, the equipment can also be used for selling goods, as it has a demonstration area.

Number of transport rolls at bale diameterHeight of roll storage
on cladding, mm
roll storage, mm
400 mm600 mm
45 pcs.30 pcs.50902532


Carpet carousel “SLADOCK” M3 with a conventional height of 5 m is designed for 67 rolls of linoleum, with a diameter of 400 mm.

Bale equipment is manufactured to order for standard bale widths:

2m; 2.5m; 3m; 3.5m; 4m.

Number of transport rolls at bale diameterConditional height of
roll storage, mm
roll storage, mm
400 mm600 mm
67 pcs.44 pcs.50004064


A tire carousel system allows you to utilize room height, save space and safely store, display and sell automotive tires.

The tire stand is designed for a maximum allowable tire size of 668 mm and a maximum load of 6000 kg.

Tires should be placed evenly across the usable width of the transport shaft.

*We can also offer the classic tire rack.

Number of transport rolls at bale diameterUseful length of
roll storage, mm 
Height of
roll storage, mm
155/80 R13195/65 R15225/50 R17235/45 R17
31 pcs.25 pcs.22 pcs.21 pcs.49505700


We can offer a convenient solution for storing, measuring and cutting wire wound on spools. Or we can produce a structure with trays instead of axles for use in the storage of hardware or other small parts.

Number of transport shafts
with spool diameter
Weight of 1 reelRoll storage capacityRoll storage height, mmRoll storage width, mm
450 mm
13 pcs.30 kg52 reels45002700

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      Precautions! The automated paternoster is controlled by an operator - an employee of the sales area. The visitor can see the control unit with buttons located in the front part of the case, but without a key he cannot start the stand on his own. This precaution ensures the safety of the equipment and prevents traumatic actions on the part of customers, such as placing their hands between moving rolls. Rolls are moved inside the body of the equipment for the sale of linoleum or carpeting on a closed loop and the number of rolls is calculated under the standard diameters of coatings. If the materials with a diameter larger than specified in the equipment passport are wrapped, it will lead to "convergence" of a pair of rolls close to each other at the lower or upper point of the paternoster and lead to their fall. Manufacturer's warranties The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the paternoster with technical requirements in compliance with the conditions of operation, transportation, installation and storage. Warranty period of operation - 36 months from the date of sale of the paternoster. Warranty period of storage of the paternoster - 12 months from the date of manufacture. During the warranty period the manufacturer replaces and repairs any defects detected in the elements of the paternoster in compliance with the conditions of transportation, storage and operation. The manufacturer of paternosters, racking systems and roll containers in Ukraine, the company Ipris-Profil from Kharkov, develops and manufactures stands not only for materials in rolls, but also for: wire products, natural leather of premium quality, used to cover car seats, etc. If you are interested in the price of one of the standard paternosters or you want to order the development of equipment for your products, contact our managers in any convenient way Our company is located in Ukraine.
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