Sorting and order picking trolleys

Order sortation and picking trolleys enable retail and e-commerce companies to achieve new levels of efficiency by providing a higher level of service to their customers.

Check out our range of order picking trolleys and let them become a key link in the chain of successful logistics management for your business.

Country of manufacture – Ukraine. Ipris-Profil LTD.

Plastic boxes are not included with trolleys.

In the production of all types of trolleys we use profile tube, which is manufactured at our plant in Kharkov.

What are order picking trolleys?

Order picking trolleys are mobile shelf or frame trolleys on four wheels that are used for order picking and order picking in distribution centres and warehouses where speed of goods movement is of paramount importance.

Frame trolleys consist of a frame on which plastic containers are mounted.

Shelf trolleys can be used as a stand-alone unit when one tier is allocated to one order, or with plastic bins to pick small items from different orders. The shelves can be horizontal or inclined, in thin sheet metal or mesh.

Trolleys with rising platform for easy access to goods at different levels.

Ipris-Profil manufactures storage rack systems and:

Various trolley models are available for different types of goods and working conditions. For instance, frame trolleys are suitable for picking orders with small items, while sorting trolleys with shelves may be more convenient for moving large or heavy goods.

Order picking is a labour-intensive process and accounts for 55% to 70% of all warehouse operations. Therefore, when designing order picking and sorting schemes, it is crucial to select trolleys that integrate seamlessly with the organization’s operational rules.

Order picking trolleys must be highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate, enabling operators to efficiently collect and deliver goods to the packing or shipping location.

When considering the shortest picking route, it is important to also take into account the height of the shelves. The use of additional platforms can slow down the picker. We offer three types of trolleys for picking, each with a folding step.

  • OZO.01;
  • ТDR.02;

What are the benefits of a shopping trolley for retail and order picking?

Using our trolleys for retail and order picking in commercial or warehouse environments offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • easy sorting and transport to speed up picking, order packing and shelf replenishment;
  • shelf trolleys can be used not only for sorting and picking, but also for storing goods, which helps to maintain order and makes it easier to find the necessary articles;
  • safety for employees and goods. Trolleys allow the stress-free transport of heavy items and reduce the risk of fragile, expensive goods falling and being damaged;
  • Retail and order picking trolleys help improve customer service by allowing warehouse or shop employees to quickly locate and retrieve items, which can improve the overall shopping experience.

Multi-order picking is an efficient method of order picking.

Parallel order processing is a solution for the simultaneous picking of multiple orders. An operator with a multi picking trolley can pick 8 to 16 orders for different customers at once, reducing the distance travelled, increasing productivity and achieving up to 98% picking accuracy.

Multipicking trolleys are used to collect orders of different product groups: cosmetics, food, clothing, postal items, auto goods, etc.

After selection, the picker moves the goods on a trolley to the picking area where they are packed and sent to the customer.

The production of multi picking trolleys by Ipris-Profil is carried out in a wide range of capacities and load capacities to meet various customer requirements. Multi picking trolleys can be manufactured with solid metal/mesh shelves or under plastic crates. The shelves can be horizontal or angled. We can offer multi picking trolleys in heights of 1225, 1800 mm and 1895 mm, with or without back wall.

In Ukraine you can buy trolleys directly from the manufacturer.

Our picking trolleys are designed for easy movement along aisles and shelving in warehouses or mezzanines.

They come in various designs, dimensions, and load capacities, with different numbers of shelves. Some models even have a built-in stepladder for accessing goods on higher shelves.

We prioritize manoeuvrability during manufacturing, ensuring that our picking trolleys can be operated by one person. We design trolleys that are tailored to the customer’s specific needs, as well as general-purpose trolleys that are suitable for a wide range of warehouse tasks. These trolleys can be used for picking orders, reloading, or redistributing incoming goods.

Their simple method of operation, combined with visual control over the contents, makes them highly sought after not only in warehouses, but also in shops, post offices, and other settings.

Production of order picking trolleys in Ukraine

We, at Ipris-Profil, develop and manufacture multi picking trolleys, trolleys for sorting and order picking as for ourselves.  Optimal dimensions and quality wheels of world renowned manufacturers Ø 80, 100, 125, 160, 200 mm ensure easy, smooth movement and manoeuvrability of trolleys on small areas.

Order picking trolleys are a convenient solution for carrying heavy and bulky goods without physical strain. Folding stepladder trolleys provide easy access to items on top shelves.

The metal structure of the trolleys is protected against corrosion with powder or galvanic coating.

If you cannot find the product you need, please leave a request and we will manufacture trolleys tailored to your needs.

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