Square Tubes


трубы квадратные иприс-профиль
  • Longitudinal Electric-Welded Steel Square Tube GOST 8639-82

    Longitudinal Electric-Welded Steel Tube represents hollow metal tube with various section parameters and wall thickness.


    skhema_truba_kvadratnayaThe main application domains are steel constructions installation, furniture frames, fences, playgrounds, building timber manufacturing, etc.

    Square tubes manufacturing is regularized according GOST standards 8639-82 “Square steel tubes. Assortment”, GOST 13663-86 “Steel shaped tubes. Technical requirements”

    Square steel tubes are manufactured with cold and hot rolled steel.


    Tube section

    квадратная_труба квадратная

    Size, mm Quantity in one pack, items Theoretical weight 1 linear meter / kilo
    1.0 mm 1.2 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm
    15х15  216 0,428 0,509 0,629    
    20х20  357 0,602 0,719 0,890 1,165  
    25х25  255 0,775 0,926 1,149 1,512  
    30х30  195 0,934 1,096 1,369 1,810  
    35х35  116     1,652 2,174  
    40х40  110   1,482 1,845 2,449 3,012
    50х50  80   1,882 2,340 3,105  
    60х60 72       3,702  
    80х80  36       4,885  

    Lengthwise, tubes are manufactured in specified length from 3.5 m to 7.8 m with allowance +15 mm, without cutting and putting off burrs. Rounding radius is not more than 2s (two wall thickness of the tube). The curvature of the tube does not exceed 2 mm on 1 m of length of the tube. During tube manufacturing inside bead should not be more than 0.6 of the thickness of the tube wall.

    Thickness tolerance extremes:

    Steel thickness, mm Steel thickness tolerance extremes, mm
    Standard accuracy of rolling
    1.8-2.0 +/-0.18


    Thickness of the rolled, mm Rolled tolerance extremes, mm
    Standard accuracy of rolling
    0.90-1.2 +/-0.11
    1.5-1.8 +/-0.15
    1.8-2.00 +/-0.16
    2.00-2.5 +/-0.18

    Ipris-Profil’’ sells to customer tubes in packages. Packages have square or rectangular section, formed with wooden bars, strapped around the perimeter by a metal band (the appearance of packaged tubes can be viewed in the gallery).

    According to the table, you can make your own weight calculations placed in the order.

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