“Ipris-Profil”, expand the range of storage equipment company, the new mobile platform brings to the Ukrainian market (Treki-pallets or tire rack).

Here you can view technical parameters and order track pallets.

Designed by the specialists of the construction workers are highly manoeuvrable and large carrying capacity: they can easily withstand the load on the lower section to the 2000 kg.

The main purpose of the new designs is the storage and transportation of a packed fast and loose cargo long shelf life. In addition, track pallets are widely used as shelves for tires (automobile). Through the use of these constructs tire easily stored, “Christmas tree” – laying a particular way that makes effective use of the useful volume of pallets. Number of tires of the same size in a single-pallet Treki, however, remains fixed, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of records of the goods.

Track pallets (used as a tire shelving and other storage products) can be installed on several levels in a warehouse. This saves valuable space by reducing the number of passes.

Mobile platform “Ipris-Profil” is extremely easy to assemble, easy to move and can be manufactured in any size. Supplied fully assembled structure (piles). One party recites to 20 stacked tire rack.


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