The company “Ipris-Profil” expands the range of manufactured products and introduces a new product – mezzanine floors on columns or the so-called mezzanine platform.

These mezzanines allow you to turn unused overhead space into usable floor space by providing additional floors in rooms with ceiling heights of 5 to 12 metres.


A freestanding mezzanine is a versatile structure that is an additional technical floor installed inside a warehouse. Platform mezzanines are erected on specially designed columns and do not include elements of standard shelving. The base is formed by support columns fixed to the floor with anchor bolts. To them, in turn, are attached metal cross beams, as which are used sigma (Σ) profile, which significantly reduces the cost of the structure. Decking elements are installed on top of the beams. For access to the “air” levels, staircases of the march type are used. In addition, the stairways and open areas of the upper levels are equipped with fencing systems.

Depending on the needs of the customer and the specifics of the warehouse or shop, mezzanines on columns are individually designed by Ipris-Profil specialists. Each level of the structure is created taking into account the planned loads, as well as the requirements for storage and movement of goods on the floors.


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