The company “Ipris-Profil” presented at the international exhibition “MaRHo Shop 2014″ new product for the retail market: the roll-containers.

At the event, which took place in Kiev from 8-11 April, three types of roll cage with a load capacity of up to 300 kg were presented: with a metal base, with a plastic pallet and with a chipboard base. Also the designs differed in the number of walls (2 and 3), as well as the presence of a door. In general, the distinctive features of Ipris-Profile roll containers include: the ability to stack cargo in height without fixing with film, the convenience of commissioning small-sized goods and the reliability of stacking goods.

In addition, the surface of the containers can be either galvanised or powder coated.

Due to the convenience of using these structures for transportation, sorting and storage of various goods, the products attracted the attention of visitors and participants not only of “MaRGo Shop 2014”, but also of the concurrent highly specialised exhibitions “STOEXPO” and “PRODPAK”. The greatest interest was aroused by the possibility of increasing the load capacity of roll containers up to 500 kg, as well as the possibility of manufacturing the dimensions of structures according to individual specifications.


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