Ipris-Profil was a partner of efficient logistic solutions at the International Forum of Private Brands and Export “Vlasna Marka & Export : 2016. I’m for sale”, which took place on 8 September 2016.

The forum was attended by logistics companies, retailers, manufacturers of food products, household chemicals and everyday goods from Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, UAE and Germany.

Head of Sales – Svetlana Guz noted that retailers are interested in solving the problem of “empty shelves”. In this regard, the participants paid more attention to roll cage: what other sizes can we produce, is the coating safe for transporting food, how many roll containers fit in one car, etc.?

Logistics companies working in the field of parcel delivery from individuals and companies have different requirements. Their priority is the integrity and the original type of goods, as different sizes, weights and physical properties of goods are sent to the same city. That is why the participants working in this sphere highlighted a high mesh container with two independent doors.

The container, 1800 mm high, is designed as a fence on a wooden pallet with the possibility of moving by loading equipment. The shelves can withstand loads of up to 200kg, allowing fragile and heavy goods to be placed on different tiers. Containers can be equipped with anti-theft devices or packed in stretch film.

Overall, the event brought together professionals who are passionate about their profession and understand the need to make changes to minimise one of the most significant cost items – the delivery of goods from supplier to consumer.

After communicating with such people, we understand their needs better and endeavour to translate their wishes into our products, which we also produce under our own brand name.


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