Paternoster Linoleum rolls

Патерностеры Иприс-Профиль
Патерностер для линолеума Иприс-Профиль
Экспозиторы для линолеума Иприс-Профиль
Патерностер цена Иприс-Профиль
Стеллаж для рулонов Иприс-Профиль
Патерностеры Иприс-Профиль
Стеллаж для рулонов Иприс-Профиль
Патерностер Иприс-Профиль Харьков
Экспозиторы для линолеума Иприс-Профиль
Патерностер для линолеума Иприс-Профиль
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  • The company “Ipris-Profil” is a manufacturer of electrical racks for linoleum – paternosters.

    Paternoster is an automated system of vertical storage and demonstration for rolls of linoleum, carpet, PVC tape, etc.


    патерностер для рулонов линолеумаThe mechanical rack for linoleum/carpet is a demonstration stand designed for 10-26 rolls with a maximum diameter 650 mm

    Such a system allows the buyer to have a closer look on all the items and immediately measure and cut off the necessary footage  when decided to buy one.

    Racks for rolls work according to the carousel principle. On the operator’s command rolls circulate inside the rack and are delivered to the point where the linoleum is measured and cut.

    A two-sided electric measuring machine with a hand-held knife knife is designed for measuring and cutting floorings.

    Cutting is done without removing the roll from the loading axis.


    Number of loading axes at 400 mm c/c (max roll Ø 380 mm)

    Number of loading axes, at 600 mm c/c (max roll Ø 580 mm)

    Height of loaded paternoster, mm






















    The width of the paternoster depends on the width of the rolls. Manufacturing of paternosters for rolls with a width of 2 m; 2.5 m; 3m; 3,5 m; 4 m; 4,5 m; 5 m is also possible.

    The number of paternoster loading axes for linoleum and carpet rolls of standard diameter is indicated in the table. If necessary, you can change the distance between the load axes at 100 mm.

    If this distance decreases, the rolls will converge while moving, which means that they could fall.

    Paternoster for linoleum or carpet covers the entire range of flooring without the need to create additional conditions for storekeeping in the warehouse.

    The rack for rolls is manipulated by the operator. Setting rolls in motion can be done only with a key on a control panel. Operators get through the instructions for working with the device after the installation of paternosters at the facility.

    Paternosters by “Ipris” is completed with aluminum stars with the name of the manufacturer and the official website.

    Transportation of rolls and installation on the paternoster shaft is carried out with the help of a loading trolley with minimal effort for the personnel.

    тележка для патерностеров


    Paternoster provides:

    – unlimited access to rolls;

    – high speed of customer service;

    – simplicity of hanging,

    – safety for staff and customers,

    – the possibility of placing rolls of different diameters and lengths.

    Using a rack for rolls you save up to 60% of the area thanks to the high hanging and circulating density of rolls along a closed loop in one plane, using the maximum height of the room.

    Ipris-Profil” company accepts orders for the manufacturing of non-standard models of paternosters: for tabletops, clothes, automobile tires, cabling and wiring products, etc.

    To buy paternosters please contact:

    Svetlana Guz is the head of sales department of paternosters and roll-containers.

    phone number: +38 (057) 763-66-01 (int. 235)

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