Gables on the columns(Platform)

Платформа на колоннах - мезонин на колоннах Иприс-Профиль
стеллаж двухэтажный Иприс-Профиль
складская платформа на колоннах цена
Стеллажи перекрытия - платформа на колонных Иприс-Профиль
стеллаж двухэтажный Иприс-Профиль
мезонины на колоннах цена украина
складской мезонин на колоннах цена украина
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  • Mezzanine on the columns is a freestanding platform that is installed independently of the main load-bearing elements of the building, using only the height of the room. Such mezzanine construction are for the construction of additional floors in a small space.


    In this case, it does not require approvals for changes in the structure of the building to create the overlap. Itself a multi-storey structure, being a team, at any time can be dismantled and moved to another location.

    мезонин на колоннах иприс мезонины на платформе

    As well as mezzanine structures, based on the frame of pallet racks, mezzanines on the columns are equipped with railings, staircases, gates swinging in the loading / unloading zone.

    Stairs can be as screw and propulsion types, of 800 mm … 1100 mm.

    заказать мезонины на колоннах

    For pedestrian decks using a variety of materials:

    • pressed lattice-like material that best suits the requirements of fire safety;
    • Chipboard, MDF, OSB.

    If racks mezzanines on the basis of pallet racking frames serve to increase storage areas, the attic on pillars creates additional floors, while leaving a free space under the floors at the expense of the annular large distances.

      мезонин для люстр

    The space under the mezzanine on the columns can be used:

    • to accommodate production equipment;
    • for storage of bulky goods or stacking storage;
    • for the organization of the acceptance area, sorting, picking, shipment;
    • maneuvering loading equipment;
    • zoning for retail premises space.

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